Day: January 11, 2020

Sat. Jan. 11, 2020 – non-prepping hobby day

Warm and wet.

Despite the dire predictions, yesterday was warm and windy, with overcast skies all day. A light drizzle started around 10:30pm and the wind died down. Wind and rain picked back up around 11:45, but it didn’t sound crazy. A bit of lightning, some increased wind noise, a bit harder rain… [unless something happened after I went to bed] Looks like we missed the worst of the storm.

I’ve got my non-prepping hobby meeting this morning so that will keep me out for a few hours.

While I’m out, if you carry, watch this copcam video of an officer involved shooting.

Ask yourself what you might have done in a similar situation. Consider the number of shots fired, that looked like they were effective, and how much longer the guy continued to be a threat. Carry a reload and have access to bleeding control. And I have a package of clorox bleach wipes in the truck too, for cleanup afterward. They work fine on dirty hands after changing a tire or checking the oil too…

Speaking of truck stuff, when’s the last time you checked your road flares? You do have road flares right? If not, they are cheap, last forever, and have other uses. I can’t help but think that James Kim might be alive today if he had a road flare to set his spare tire on fire… and people, STAY WITH THE VEHICLE.


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