Day: January 16, 2020

Thur. Jan. 16, 2020 – civic engagement, I haz it

Warm and wet. [70F and 99%RH] You were thinking it would be something else?

Well, first meeting of our course in how our school district works is under the bridge. First half was about the Board, and what they do vs. the Administration. Second half was about safety and security.

Questions, I haz them. SO I asked, and asked, and challenged, and disputed. They were going to do a dog (really) and pony (not really) show. Look at us, we’re so experienced, trained, and [fat]. Oh, did I use an “a”? Yeah, meant it too. It was going to be a whitewash and a handwave. Notsofast….

I asked enough sharp questions they ganged up on my and promised they’d tell me all, if I’d come in and see them LATER. We ran out of time. So I stayed late and asked them questions. To their credit they seem to be moving on some of the things I want. They are doing ‘stopthebleed’ classes for staff. They are buying and distributing bleeding control kits. I pointed out that having them in the nurses office does NOTHING for the kid on the second floor bleeding out during an event. The Director even gave me two kits. I’ll put them in my classroom. I’ll be meeting with him later to get some of my technical questions asked. I’ll be going through the kits later today.

I met a couple of the other folks there and started some conversations. Meatspace!

Plenty to do today. Wife and girls will be doing a girl scout sleep away camp starting Friday night so I’m already planning the wild women and parties….. or I could sleep the whole time, and get over this snotty head and cough. Either way, stuff to do….


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