Day: January 3, 2020

Fri. Jan. 3, 2020- sore, tired, and the year’s just getting started

Cold and wet.

Rained off and on most of yesterday.

I mostly laid around, and fought the nausea from the pain in my neck and shoulders.

Finally got the chiropractor. Got instant relief, but it doesn’t last. I’ll be going back today and tomorrow at least.

Grabbed dinner for the family at Five Guys Burgers. Yeah, it’s a tasty burger but $50 for me and the kids? Crazy. I can get 5 pounds of decent steak for that.

Won a couple of things at auction yesterday too. 2000w inverter for an RV for $200. That’s 1/3 of ebay for the same model. And it’s 2000w continuous. Won a couple of parts gubs. Brand no one wants, so I got them cheap enough to simply part out. Parts sell well on gunbroker though, which is a bit odd.

I got a couple of ebay listings done and turned my store back on. Sitting at the pc and typing aggravates my shoulder pain so I’m trying to avoid it.

Wife’s working again today so I’ve got taggalong kids whatever I do… their marathon Harry Plopper binge should be over later today.

And if that’s not a dog’s breakfast of a post I don’t know what is, go and sin no more.


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