Day: January 6, 2020

Mon. Jan. 6, 2020 – Happy Feast of the Epiphany

Cool and damp.

Beautiful day yesterday. Sunny and cool, with blue skies. Damp of course, but about as nice as it gets this time of year.

I’ve got the kids home for one more day. I guess we’ll find something to do, I know I’ve got plenty. The list keeps getting longer too as household items are added.

I do finally feel almost my old self again, so that’s good. One more visit to the back cracker should put me as good as it gets. I’ll start stretching again after that. A few exploratory moves have me astonished that I’ve lost so much flexibility in my hips and lower body. I’ve always been fairly stiff, but man, my hips are locked tight.

I ordered the refurb Samsung S10e. Hopefully, all I’ll have to report is that it does in fact look and work like new. Wife ordered me the wireless charger dock to use on my old phone until the new one arrives. It will work with the new one as well. That should save some wear and tear on the usb port, and maybe the new one won’t burn…

I haven’t been paying attention to the fires in Australia. That was wrong. They are a major disaster. I sincerely hope none of our visitors are affected. If you are and anyone here can help in any way, please let us know in a comment.

No one wants to die in a fire. Don’t mess around. When it’s time to go, go.

Which is good advice in general too.


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