Day: January 8, 2020

Wed. Jan. 8, 2020 – for me, every day is “wear whatever Wednesday”

Cool and damp, but hopefully no rain. [41F and light frost on some roofs]

Yesterday started at 56F and ended for me at 56F last night. Cold enough that my joints all hurt. With the dampness, it cuts right through me.

I got my pickups done. One disappointment, the EOTech red dot I scored for $135 was counterfeit. They had a dozen, mixed in with a lot of legit brands of tactical accessories and some poser brand knock off shite. The auction caught the bad pennies, and there was no charge or fuss. I had a feeling something didn’t look right. I think the packaging tickled my subconscious. I was not surprised when the auctioneer told me they were junk.

In the worldwide mess, I hope we settle with Iran pretty quickly. I can’t take much more of the NPR commentary and speculation. Twice in an hour different people on the show mentioned the japanese internment during WWII, in regards to iranians in the US. No mention that it was a Democrat that started that…

More work for me today, starting closer to home. Girl Scout cookie sales are only a couple of weeks away, which puts a hard limit on when I have to have some of my “inventory” out of the entry hall (and preferably sold.) Swim team director sent out a “heads up” email too. January is barely started and they’re skipping ahead…

Better get nose to grindstone,


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