Day: January 13, 2020

Mon. Jan. 13, 2020 – got a couple of things done

Cold and wet. Again. [51F and gentle drizzle]

Well, yesterday stayed chilly all day, although it technically got a bit warmer.

I stopped at a sale while out running errands, and picked up another accurite weather station for $20. Now I’ve got a spare, although I broke the anemometer getting it down from the garage soffit. I might just put the receiver display in the bedroom if it will hear my current station. It will be nice to see the temps when I get up. If I get a chance I’ll try it today.

I also moved my SIM card and SD card to my new phone. Contrary to my fear, it went without a hitch. I can happily say that for me, buying an “amazon refurbished” phone in “new” condition was exactly that and worked seamlessly, while saving me several hundred dollars. There is nothing about the phone to indicate it was anything less than new. I’ve ordered a protective sleeve for it so I don’t break it in the first week like I did my old phone.

To get the photos off my old phone’s built in storage, I signed up for google photos. It synced my old phone to my google account and moved all the pix. I haven’t yet found the vids though (they may not move, but they should be backed up elsewhere. If not, I’ll be microsoldering sometime soon.) The google photos page does some really cool things automagically. The coolest is “animations” where it takes any shots that are sequential and loops them into an animation. It really brings the pics to life. I tend to shoot candids in bursts, hoping to get a good one out of the group, so I have a bunch of unexpected and very satisfying animations. As a bonus, I can share the photo account with my wife so she can see them too. Some of the other things it did- it created panoramas out of a series of shots, it did something it calls “color pop” where only the main figure in the image is in color and all the background is in black and white (which is both very well done, and quite dramatic), and it built slide shows with music for related photos. All very cool, and all automated. The tech behind it is pretty impressive.


I’m hoping the rain holds off for a couple of days. It would be nice to have some moderate temps and have stuff dry out a bit. I’ve still got plenty to do outdoors.

Plenty indoors too for that matter.

So I better get to it.


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