Tues. July 30, 2019 – on the Cape…

Weather yesterday was hotter and more humid, with lots of sun. Weather today? I guess we’ll see….

Had a nice fish dinner yesterday. New England knows fish, you gotta give them that. They don’t seem to know anything about air conditioning though.

This rental house isn’t cheap. It’s had a long series of remodels and expansions, and a fairly recent complete luxury kitchen and general makeover. NO AC. It was advertised with AC. One tiny window unit upstairs and one tiny window unit on the first floor don’t actually cut it. Both are also obviously brand new. Like they put them in yesterday.

The kitchen has Sub Zero fridge, granite for miles, and an 8 burner Thermidor stove. No AC. HOT AS HELL in this house and damp like a fat man’s belly wrinkles. I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to put a freaking mini split AC unit in a million dollar house. No window coverings either. Missing outlet and switch plate covers. Peeling paint in one bedroom. And the Sub Zero fridge is currently 67F. It’s “finicky” according to the two pages of instructions taped to it, and often fails if left empty. So some jackass has put a gallon jug of red liquid labeled “antifreeze, do not drink” in the fridge. Who thinks putting a gallon of red poison in the fridge, in a juice container, is a good idea?

MIL arranged the rental and is ranting… booking agent is in Oregon, local management is unavailable. I’m going to put a gallon of poison somewhere else than the freaking fridge this morning and then I’m going to sit back and watch the show.

Vacations, who needs ’em.