July the Fourth, 2019 – Independence Day

86F at 9:30 AM and 92%RH. Dang.

Today is the day we celebrate telling a bunch of fat, out of touch, distant and dismissive would be rulers that we had enough and weren’t going to take it any more.

Our founding fathers did it for a tiny percentage of the outrages we suffer daily.


Bob always took some time on this day to talk about his independence from Windows and MS. I’ve long given up that fight, and I think most people have. There are only a few left who think of using a PC as something other than using an appliance to do a task. The hobbyists, the otaku, have moved on to other things. Software is in the late empire stage, along with the larger world.


Go have some fun today. Spend time with family and friends. Remember that this day is a thumb in the eye to those who would rule free men.


(do I need to add, be careful around crowds? Keep your situational awareness. Keep your eyes open for unusual activity. Know your exit path. Have the means to defend, or aid others close to hand. Live your life, but don’t be stupid or careless.)