Sat. July 20, 2019 – nice day, but kinda hot

85F and 81%RH at 830. National forecast calls for rain in the area, but the local forecast is overcast and clouds, high of 98F. THAT should be stifling.

Speaking of stifling, you guys should be well aware of my ongoing issues with heat, and the current heat wave sweeping across the country. Heat injuries are no joke and take a long time to recover completely.

Do Not push it in the heat. All joking about the media overreaction to ‘summer’ aside. People will die this weekend. There are resources for you to use. OSHA has a heat danger app which will help you determine rest periods and dangerous conditions. Know the signs of heat injury-

Heat stroke is a life threatening emergency that needs immediate treatment. Look at that chart, review the symptoms and the first aid. Heat stroke victims may appear drunk, shuffling feet and confused. Hot dry skin is an indicator- they need to be cooled and treated immediately. I can tell you from personal experience, knowing the signs can save lives. There are at least two people alive today because of the heat illness awareness briefing I gave before an event in Dane County WI.

Speaking of Dane County, WI, they made front page of the DailyMail…. this was the view out my wife’s hotel window in Madison WI.

Take advantage of Mr. Carrier’s invention and stay inside and cool. Go to a movie, a store, or the hardware store and hang out in their AC. Just be aware, hot grumpy people are easily angered. If the advice “don’t be there” can’t work, keep your head up, and your eyes moving. While you’re looking for threats, look for people in distress too. It feels really good to save a life.