Mon. July 29, 2019 – travel day

After several days of great weather, the pessimist in me is set for the rain to start. Both the FEMA and openweathermap people had long range predictions that we’d be seeing rain in this area soon. I guess we’ll see.

Plan for today is to visit a memorial park on the way to the Cape and check in there late afternoon. I guess we’ll see.

I got out the little laptop and had a chance to catch up on some news reading. Karl over at has been killing it. If you don’t read him normally, read through the last few (3) pages.

I’m currently up and waiting for clothes to dry in the high end Maytag washer here. I’ve just been told that I have to sort my drying into “light and heavy” or it will run forever and never dry. Sweet jebus. It was on the ECO setting which automatically shuts off when the clothes are still damp, helpfully saving you that bit of Gaia destroying heat that would actually, you know, DRY your clothes. And that someone broke a favorite wine glass by NOT putting it in the ONE place at the ONE angle where it could survive in the new dishwasher. And that the new fridge has to have a door closed in a particular way or bad things will happen. This woman is the hostage of her appliances. It concerns me a lot that she lives this way. Every day and every task is a battle for her.

It’s probably gonna drive me nuts, but I guess we’ll see…………….