Sun. July 7, 2019 – blessed sleep, so simple yet so important

93F and 93%RH at 1040am.

Neither back, nor bladder, nor babbling babies woke me today. I went to bed way late, having eaten dinner at 10pm, and went back to sleep when I did wake up.

I spent part of yesterday putting some of my dad’s stuff away. I’ll be doing that in stages as I move and make room for it. I did get a big preliminary thing cut up and moved out so I can get to more stuff for the auction. The fact I could stay in bed means I’m dehydrated from the work yesterday. Not good.

I’m working at my secondary location that I stocked during the last Ebola scare. A lot of it is panic buy food, and wasn’t properly stored. Canned goods are fine, but the rice, flour, sugar, and salt were just put into the big black tubs with the yellow lids and literally stacked. (They are plastic rectangular tubs, that are a bit thicker and tougher than other choices. They hold 26 or 27 gallons, and if you fill them to the lid they will stack and support a LOT of weight.) With weight on the lids they are nearly airtight. The sugar and salt are of course fine, but the rice is probably too old. If the flour isn’t riddled with bugs I’ll be shocked. No sign of vermin though.

Because my storage situation is NOT ideal, I just accept that I’m going to have losses due to heat, vermin, time, humidity, etc. I’ll keep track of the rice and flour I replace and this time I’ll use buckets and O2 absorbers.

I have a lot more food stored there than I realized.

Keep stacking, and keep rotating or checking too! Battery month– check and replace all batteries in stored equipment! Might be time to upgrade to LED flashlights too, if you still have some maglites around. LED bulbs work well in them.