Thur. July 11, 2019 – dentist appt this morning, yay! Said no one ever…

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not 105F which is where my weather station is stuck this morning. Forecast calls for rain throughout the day, and temps as high as 99F. I guess we’ll see. It looks like the start of a normal day outside at the moment, not a T-storm. We never did get rain here despite the rumbles.

The whole family has appointments to get their fangs cleaned this morning, as Bob would say. Time is flying by.

Mom’s estate sale should be today. I hope it empties the house.

And later tonight I will be attending a continuing ed class with HPD on Human Trafficking. That should be heartbreaking and enraging by turns.

In between, kids back to the rock climbing gym, me back to cleanup and chores, and the world continues it’s swirl…