Fri. July 5, 2019 – another week gone by

77F and 99%RH this morning. That’s like freezing in the middle of winter. I expect we’ll be over 80 in an hour though. Forecast says over 96F by 10am… beautiful cool and breezy last night after dark. It got pretty stifling at dusk with no breeze, but then quickly got very nice (for TX in summer.)

Well, we’re almost half way through the year…

I have a couple of cherry sized Roma tomatoes on the bush, but that’s it for tomatoes. Grape vines are leafing out again so I think they will survive the caterpillars. The bed with the bleached out zukes has one dead plant and the other is getting lighter every day. Something wrong with the soil that I’m going to need professional help to solve there. Pepper plants from last year continue to provide more than I can eat. Nothing from THIS year’s plants though. Citrus is the same as last week, apples too. Nary a peach although the tree finally looks healthy and full. Cukes are spreading out and still alive, so we might see some veg from them later. Once again, we’d starve if we were counting on the garden. The curve is steep, start climbing.

Lots of seismic activity around the world lately. Who knows, a super volcano or massive quake might be much more likely than I personally planned. Make no mistake, a huge quake in Cali would have far reaching effects on all of us.

Commander Zero had a plumbing problem over at his place, and he reminds us all that FAR MORE personal SHTF problems are solved with greenbacks than bullets. Having your finances in order, and a cash reserve built up, will help you through your most likely disasters. You can usually sell some preps or other property, but you can save a step, time, and getting lower value out than in by having cash.

Speaking of finances and cash… I’m really worried. I think I might be seeing a sea change in the secondary economy, brought about by changes in the larger economy. Not GOOD changes either. My ebay selling has not recovered. I am making a tenth what I was 7 months ago. On the sourcing side, with a few exceptions, pricing is collapsing. With auctions that means few buyers, and little demand for the listed item. With one of my sellers I’m also seeing a shift from surplus sales to bankruptcy sales. Taken together these things could mean the collapse/depression/whatever its name is already begun. I even saw a reference in an article to the overabundance of people reselling (thrifting/yardsale/etc) as a job.

WRT stacking, despite global reasons for price inflation, pork has been on sale here. Stock up if you like it. If you like beef, the failure of the corn crop due to flooding in the Midwest may cause a sell off ahead of higher feed costs for producers. That will be followed by higher prices… and if you can eat out of your freezer, you should be immune to most of the ups and downs.

So, what have you guys done to prep? And if you’ve USED your preps this week, what worked? WHAT DIDN’T????