Wed. July 3, 2019 – getting closer

74F but 99%RH. Never thought I’d see 74F again this year. I caught a thunderstorm as I was driving yesterday. Several off in the distance, and when I stopped for gas one overtook me. I was able to outrun it though. So “Mostly sunny” with scattered T storms.

One of the things that struck me during my recent driving is how generally FLAT the middle of the country is. Horizon to horizon, 360 degrees of FLAT. And most of it cropland. If something disrupts the US in a major way, a LOT of people will go hungry.

I also wonder how good those farmers are with shooting at distance from heights…. the interstate highways are like the Roman roads, in that they all lead back to the ravening hoards. Barbarians can follow the roads to civilization as easily as the Legions can disperse into the countryside.

No ebola update yet, measles cases continue to increase to the point the the US is about to lose it’s “eradicated” status.

How are you doing on being able to isolate yourself and your family for 45 days??