Fri. July 19, 2019 – so slow…

86F and 85%RH this late am… Sunny and kinda hot. No one home but me and the dog means I get to sleep in. Felt good.

I can’t believe it is still July. Last month flew by so fast, but the two weeks since the Fourth have taken forever. I have to check every time when I write “July”.

This week I got some further work done on getting rid of stuff. In the process, I got some work done at my secondary storage location. I need to do a bunch more work there. Everyone should have stuff put aside somewhere other than your home. I got serious about it when I saw what the Oklahoma tornadoes did to houses. If your home is destroyed you need your preps more than ever. Make sure you have some somewhere else. Maybe you have a friend who will let you put a few bins in his garage? Maybe rent a small storage locker in the direction you’d be bugging out? Stack some food and a way to prepare it, some shelter if the spot won’t work, a change of clothes and some snivel gear, maybe even an encrypted hard drive or thumb drive with important stuff on it.

Other than the cleaning and organizing, I didn’t get much prepping done this week. My ebay sales were 0. My sellers are seeing more bankruptcy sales, smaller surplus sales, lower quality stuff in the sales, and other signs things are not going well in the broader economy.

Speaking of which, I better get started on my day today. Kids come home from camp tonight, hooray. On the other hand, this is my last day of freedom for a while….