Sat. July 6, 2019 – and the hits keep coming

79F and 93%RH in Houston. Stayed hot all night.

And the west continued to shake, with Cali getting a 6.9 ~ 7.1 earthquake, and the warning that more are likely on the way.

If we get another in a more populated area, or take real damage from one, that will involve the efforts of a large percentage of our disaster response. And then we get a hurricane in the Gulf, or on the East coast… Folks, you are on your own for a minimum of 72 hours, and more likely a week in the event of a regional disaster.

If resources are tied up elsewhere or the disaster is widespread, help may be a lot longer coming. After the Cascadia Rising MASSEX in the Pac Northwest, FEMA changed their recommendation to TWO WEEKS of stuff to sustain yourself.

3 days or two weeks, those are baby steps. Get started! The lights are still on, and the stores are still full. Water, canned meat, canned veg, rice and pasta, and a way to cook it should be at the top of your TODO list if you aren’t already set. Your BOB should be double checked and ready to go (ask the wildfire victims about that, and the mudslide, and the flood…sometimes staying really isn’t an option.)

Everyone in the US lives near a hazard, be it pipeline, railroad, highway, forest, mountains, volcano, river, or coast. 90% of most populations live right on the edge of water…It can happen to you, and it does happen to people like you.

Now, I’ve got to check on some batteries, and repack some bags…