Sun. May 27, 2018 – open….

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Already 90F at 9am….

Never got much storm after the warning last night. Looks nice and hot out now.

Kids let me sleep, and I’m stiff and sore 🙁 but there’s plenty to do today.

Guess I better pull up my panties and get to it….


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  1. Nick Flandrey says:

    I note that liberal progressives have a long history of projection, ie. accusing others of what they themselves are doing, or feeling.

    A NEW LOW=> Hillary Campaign Official Accuses Trump of Offering Children to Human Traffickers”

    I’ll remind people that this is EXACTLY what the clintons and their friends and appointees were [supposedly] guilty of in Haiti. And remember the Dr who mysteriously committed suicide in NYC just before testifying about it??


  2. Nick Flandrey says:

    Now at 11:30 my weather station says 100F in my driveway. Yikes.


  3. Jenny says:

    We might get as hot as 65f today but a high probability of rain to cool us off.

    I’m hoping to get our 12’ round pool set up and filled this weekend. It’s only 30” deep but that’s enough for a 6 year old. We are getting 18 hours of daylight with over a 4 minute gain daily. That gain will slow down and reverse when we hit June 21. The sky is light enough to read a book outside at 2 AM. Never gets fully dark this time of year. Confuses the heck out of our circadian rhythms and the plant life.

    Attending the Memorial Day Ceremony downtown tomorrow. There will be a couple of politicians using it to look good but most people there will be sincere in their respect.

  4. Nick Flandrey says:

    105F in the sun in my driveway. Jeez.


  5. lynn says:

    Now at 11:30 my weather station says 100F in my driveway. Yikes.

    Do you have a sunshade over that ultra high measuring device ?

    We are 92 F out here in the Land of Sugar.

  6. paul says:

    The temperatures on either side of the house vary. If I bring the sensor on the bathroom side of the house in it reads about the same as every other thermometer. Same for the sensor by the front door.

    At the moment, bathroom says 100F. Front door day 94F. On a windy day they within a couple of degrees.

    Funny thing, when it’s cold, they reverse.

    The A/C says it’s 78F in the house. Hmm. Perhaps the wall by the front door is lacking insulation?

  7. CowboySlim says:

    Need to get a new Samsung, AT&T cellphone, going to local Fry’s tomorrow. Will drive by Walmart without stopping.

    Went to Mother’s Tavern for some outlaw country music yesterday. Did not have to depocket my 2 5/8″, 2 blade Buck knife.

  8. Jenny says:

    Got nicely overheated getting the liner replaced on the pool. 12’ above ground Intex with a metal frame. Sweating like a pig, not a cloud in sight and the sun is beating down. Must be at least 70f (that was mostly included to give Nick an opportunity to snicker. But is _is_ hot. For us).

    Need to get the liner stretched and pool filled. Theoretically the water bib inside the garage will output hot water but I haven’t figured out which one. Still learning to use our furnace / hot water system we installed in 2015. If I fill the pool from the outside hose it’ll be a brisk 50f for days. No one wants to paddle in that.

    Having a cold glass of water. G&T after the days labors are done.

  9. lynn says:

    “Campaign contributor helped Obamas score Netflix deal”

    Netflix is paying Obola $50 million for a probably horrible series with “The Obamas plan to work on stories that “promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world.””. Sounds like a load of political crap to me that no one will watch.

    I been riding Netflix’s stock since $67. It may be time to sell.

  10. Nick Flandrey says:

    Since their market cap is bigger than disney, how much higher can it go? And what is driving the price?

    @jenny, I did in fact snicker. I almost gaffawed. Maybe a chortle….

    @lynn, it’s in the sun. Which is why I’m careful to say “in the sun”… and since my head is also in that same sun, it’s the number I want to watch. Saying it’s 95 in the shade is the same as saying it’s 55 in Alaska, if I’m not THERE! 🙂

    I did have success rescuing an old pc that I gave to our rec assn, that wasn’t booting anymore. Turned out to be bad contacts for the RAM. A bit (ok, way too much) DeOxit Gold and we’re back in business. Now I just have to figure out what sort of lash up the previous person did to get our check-in system working and get that all back together.


  11. Nick Flandrey says:

    Ugg, it’s a form on a web page (built with wild apricot- all scripts), built with a free tool (jotform) that is more scripts, and somewhere stuffs data into a google doc spreadsheet.

    I’m over my head with the freaking scripts. Even just the form script is one line, eight monitors wide. No way I can figure out wtf it does. Can’t even see all of it.


  12. lynn says:

    I just moved about 1,000 lbs of Augason Farms and Sams Club canned eight packs of food from the house to the bugout place. All of it went upstairs, which is air conditioned. Everything I moved is commercially canned or in several of those big tough plastic pails. I sure do not want to have a mouse or rat problem in here (again).

    Man, I need an elevator for this place. I even have space for one. Just not the funds.

    I do need a back stairwell to the upstairs for safety. There is only one stairwell going up, in the front of the building off the kitchen. Should the place catch on fire, that stairwell could become an inferno. Of course, a person can escape to the attic but there is no access from the attic to the outside. Maybe I just need to provide a fire axe and large ladder in the attic. The wife suggested that we put one of those foldup stairs in the back downstairs hallway ceiling to the attic. I have also thought about putting a permanent circular stairway in a corner of the central workroom.

  13. dkreck says:

    Man, I need an elevator for this place. I even have space for one. Just not the funds.
    Lynn, you might be able to do your own, well really more of a power dumb waiter. I know some who did this in their commercial business. Looks like a closet upstairs and drops to the basement. Uses one of these.

    people still use the stairs.

    Plenty of emergency ladders out there that drop from windows.

  14. RickH says:

    Huzzah for me!

    Just finished moving Barbara’s domain and blog and her email to my hosting place. Took a while to move all of the files.

    The ttgnet files are moved, but have not moved emails and this place to my hosting place yet. Takes a bit longer to get things from Dreamhost, especially the email; there is no direct FTP access to the email servers on Dreamhost, so I have to get a gz backup, download locally, unzip, then move the mail files via FTP to my hosting place. Time consuming. Along with setting up a pile of forwarding emails.

    Not hard, just takes time. So I guess you could classify this a ‘geek complaining’. But it is nice when it works.

    This place is next. Might happen tomorrow. Maybe. I’ll let you know, so your comments won’t be lost.

    In the meantime, please continue to post about FLASHLIGHTS !

  15. Nick Flandrey says:


    thanks Rick, I’m soooooo glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff….

    and BTW, do you have a recommendation for a free form designer? I just need to get a last name/first name pair, select a number from a drop down, ask if they have guests, and select a number from a dropdown. The UI needs to work with a touch screen, and have a popup keyboard if needed (basic windows functions for touch). The form should then submit to update a google doc spreadsheet.

    That’s how it’s being done now. I suspect there are LOTS of better ways, including doing it all locally. The idea is to have pool members check in when they arrive, enter how many people are with them, and how many guests, then timestamp and save the info. In theory, we then use historical data of pool usage to schedule lifeguards, etc.

    The wrinkle is that we are currently using a webcam to read a qr code on an id card that has the lastname/firstname encoded to save the user some data entry. I’m not sure how that is happening yet… as I work my way thru the javascript calling scripts calling scripts, and infer how javascript and CSS work, having never paid any attention to it before….


  16. RickH says:

    @nick: designing a form is easy. It’s all of that backend stuff that takes a while, like drop-down lists from a database (even cascading drop downs, like you see on an auto-parts site where you select the year, then make, then model, then…).

    The local HOA club has some software that does that…touch-screen login for members and guests, sign in, then select where you are going (pool, meeting room, whatever). Then a signout thing.

    Not sure of the need for it – if a person has a membership card, then just let them in. Unless there is a need to track usage, etc.

    I suspect that you can find some club membership checkin software package …. that will cost you. Building your own would take a bit of time.

    I’d rather just show a membership card to the receptionist. If they don’t have a membership card, then the receptionist can look your name up on a list. But everything has to be computerized these days. (Get off my lawn!) 🙂

  17. lynn says:

    Plenty of emergency ladders out there that drop from windows.

    There are no windows upstairs. The previous owner floored, framed, sheetrocked, and insulated the central portion of the attic space. Two controlled air conditioner vents were added with a return air and a thermostat to the south side unit. I suspect that the building was designed with the option for a second story storage and workspace. The stairs to the second story are enclosed with no doors downstairs but there are doors upstairs.

    There is a full door upstairs to the attic space so the water heater and air conditioners can be maintained. There is 4,256 ft2 down and 1,000 ft2 up.

  18. lynn says:

    @lynn, it’s in the sun. Which is why I’m careful to say “in the sun”… and since my head is also in that same sun, it’s the number I want to watch. Saying it’s 95 in the shade is the same as saying it’s 55 in Alaska, if I’m not THERE!

    Gotcha ! This may be the second or tenth time you have told me this. I got bloody hot running XXXXXX walking XXXXXX crawling those stairs 25+ times and that was in 74 F air conditioning. I turned the A/C down and stood in the vent air flow upstairs quite often.

  19. Nick Flandrey says:

    @rick, I’ve been trying to get the board to reiterate that there is an actual need and that someone will actually look at the data collected. Just cuz we did it last year, doesn’t mean we need to this year.

    The idea was to see how many people were there, and when. We aren’t (currently) doing any validation of the names or the card scans. The card scan just sticks the LastName, FirstName into the “Name” field.

    I’ve looked at a couple of the online designers (they used jotform originally) but they either rely on email, or have a very limited number of submissions before the charges start to add up. (that is part of the problem with the current (mystery) implementation, as the jotform account is used up pretty quickly)

    I really just need to collect the member name, number of additional family members, number of additional guests (if any), and a timestamp. It’s much easier if there aren’t any drop down lists, and since no one has more than 8 additionals, I can show all those choices as a single button press choice, none thru 8. I can do a second choice for guests, defaulting to none.


    I’m beginning to think this just needs a data entry form and excel running locally but it’s been a long time since I did that too.

  20. Greg Norton says:

    In Dallas today, visiting Southfork Ranch. The temperatures were … damn hot.

    Forecast for next weekend in Dallas is 107.

  21. Nick Flandrey says:

    ok, I might have a very simple solution using google forms linked to a google dox spreadsheet. Works, took only minutes, but isn’t very customizable and lacks some features.

    Doesn’t seem to be any way to submit the form and then restart with a blank (like a kiosk.) Speaking of which, what fuzznut took kiosk mode out of Firefox?

    Doesn’t seem to be any way to have a ‘default’ answer.

    Limited choices for look.

    Doesn’t seem to have any way for the cursor to be set to the first box…

    I’ll get there. It’s cheap and easy, if very limited.


    bedtime tonight though.

  22. JimL says:

    72º and clear as I prepare to head out (4 am here) for the Freedom Challenge. Runners will do anything for a race.

    Wife & I spent a good bit of time yesterday fixing and cleaning. Looks good. We expect a relaxing afternoon. Kinder will be home sometime this afternoon after a weekend with Nana. I plan to head to one of the cemeteries to look around & say “thank you”. Our freedom came at a cost, and that is what we’ll remember today.

  23. Greg Norton says:

    @Lynn – This was linked from ZeroHedge yesterday with the headline “In 1995, Steve Jobs Explained Exactly How Apple Will Fail”.

    I think they are at that stage with laptops and desktops. Whether or not the app store restrictions on Valve are a good idea, the company has bigger long-term problems with the rest of the product line, especially the really stupid keyboard on the current Mac Book Pro line.

    The market will take care of it. I’m typing on a Thinkpad, replacing a MacBook Pro the company arbitrarily decided was “obsolete” five years ago. I couldn’t ignore the risk any longer.

    I believed they had problems brewing during my site visit in 2012. The Faustian bargain presented to me was essentially, “Agree to help your former partner at AT&T out of trouble, and we will give you an Apple employee badge to niche yourself further in your career.”

    The VPN manager told me, “I want someone to sit in that (IPSec) chair and not move for 10 years.”

    I passed on that “opportunity”. I hear about it now only once a month from my wife. Believe me, no one would like to see a little wind taken out of their sales than me.

    BTW — the whole “Lost” interview with Jobs is awesome. He thought no one would see it since “Cringely” (Mark Stevens — worked for Oregon Public Broadcasting at the time.

    Watch OPB late on Saturday nights and you’ll understand why.

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