Day: May 18, 2018

Fri. May 18, 2018 – once more into the breach

Hey, another week gone by, in an eye blink….

Already 78F and 83%RH this am. Boy oh boy, summer is here.

Didn’t get much done on my list yesterday. Too bloody hot. Did computer work inside instead. Did go grocery shopping, and to the Lowes.

Other than work on getting some heat management stuff in place, I didn’t do much prepping this week.

Ebay is still S L O W… I converted to an ebay “store” yesterday in the hopes that it will help my placement in search results. They are pushing for the conversion, and the deal finally made sense. As far as I can tell, it should save me a couple of bucks in listing fees, and allow me to put a ‘vacation hold’ on my sales instead of ending them all and restarting them later.

Garden is growing. Sweet banana pepper number two is ready, as are a couple more stunted tomatoes. Super sweet and delicious, but tiny! Grape vine still has fruit, so I saved at least one from the caterpillars. Peas, beans, and zukes are all still alive.

And now, I’ve got to do some of the stuff I missed yesterday.


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