Day: May 4, 2018

Fri. May 4, 2018 – star wars day

76F and humid this am, with some overcast. Prediction yesterday was for T-storms. ONE month until the start of hurricane season boys and girls!

It’s Friday again, and while I’m glad to be here to see another one, I’m beginning to feel like Time is Lucy and I’m Charlie Brown, and the weeks are the football. This time for sure!

This article puts some numbers behind our discussion of schools:

“New Test Results Reveal A “Lost Decade” For Academic Progress In Public Schools”

This is consistent with what my buddy, a school superintendent sees. His research found that kids were LESS proficient after 4 years of high school in his urban district.

This line sums up the problem… “the flat trajectory in education progress for public school youth have[sic] left education reformers baffled.”

Well, gee, since you started “reforming” education, results have been lower student performance. Hmmmm, better spend more money and invent some more cr@p ways to confuse kids and obscure the processes that worked to put HUMANS ON THE MOON.

No mention that the percentage of white middle class kids* has been declining steadily, while the percentage of ESL kids from cultures that don’t value education, as well as our own EFL kids from cultures that don’t value education has increased. Can’t blame the kids. Can’t blame the teaching. Must be the economy.


*used as a proxy for “a culture that traditionally values hard work, education, and a stable home life.”

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