Day: May 6, 2018

Sun. May 6, 2018 – tab clearing

Bright crisp day here in Houston, sunny and light clouds. Currently 76F with a tolerable 70%RH.

The NOAA national forecast has been a bit hit or miss lately. Maybe spring weather in the Gulf Region is harder than the rest of the year to predict. I found them to be right on for a long time, but it hasn’t been right lately.

Tab clearing.

There is more to this story. Got to be.

They know where the staging area is, and are set up to harass them. This suggests intel and planning. NOT something I really want to see in a street gang… ie. multinational insurgent army. Couple this with the 2 officers shot in Chicago, while sitting in their surveillance van, and a disturbing picture begins to emerge.

And wrt the use of drones, they also use them to deliver drugs and phones to prisoners.

Check out this drone, and it’s touted capability….

Now imagine a half pound of fentanyl dumped into a crowd from height…. there’s not enough Narcan in the city to respond to that.


The broader world is beginning to wake up to the issue. Don’t we feel smart for discussing it some time ago?

“Should self driving cars be programmed to sacrifice their passengers? New study calls for ‘urgent’ debate over the ethics of autonomous vehicles”

Note the use of standard tactics here, calls for debate. Form a committee. Talk and nonsense while the thing under debate becomes a fait accompli.

And that should give us something to talk about, if anything is needed!


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