Day: May 3, 2018

Thur. May 3, 2018 – say what?

78F and humid with overcast skies. We never got rain yesterday, although it blew and gusted, and was overcast all day. Hoping for the same today.

So I’m skimming thru my alumni email, and I see this gem…” A new kind of career

Kristin Antkoviak, who is graduating with a master’s degree in landscape architecture, hopes to use landscape architecture as a path to social justice.”

MASTER’S DEGREE. Wonder what her debt looks like?

“A neighborhood landscape architect would help educate people on water use and the tradeoffs of different kinds of trees they like, as well as coordinate with government and advocacy agencies.

“After 100 years of these social environmental injustices, I think these native plants can give a healing aspect to the community. Nature has so much to offer.””

I wonder who will be paying for it? and her?

Oh, I guess that would be these guys. Here’s a nice list of the sort of parasite on the body politic that sprouts when there is just too much money:

“There are a couple groups in the community that would be good to talk to too: The Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities, the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities, the Downtown Voices Coalition. The Sonoran Institute is a great connection and also the Sustainable Cities Network.”

““There were no street trees. The first thing I started to do was pull historical maps from 1930 until now and you can see there were almost no trees from then until now,” she said.”

Oh my, let’s help those poor unfortunates that don’t know about some of the trees available, or how to plant stuff IN A DESERT. Good thing someone is working with “vulnerable populations.”

Jeez o pete, woman was already working as a microbiologist for 6 years. Wonder what THAT debt looked like? Then she goes back to school for a masters. Hey maybe she’s independently wealthy and this is just her ‘giving back’ to the community. Doubt it though.


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