Day: May 25, 2018

Fri. May 25, 2018 – what did you do this week?

72F with blue sky and puffy clouds. Forecast calls for thunderstorms. We’ll see. There was a storm forming and headed into the Gulf, just in time to wreck the opening weekend of summer. Our weather here in Houston is unpredictable in general, because of onshore flows from the Gulf, and in specific due to weird little microclimate areas. One area can get 2inches of rain, another can be dry. We’ll see.

This week I worked on getting my rent house back on the market, which is a prep as it’s an income stream. I also worked on getting some heat management so I could work outside and not swoon (portacool, big fan.) My fan motor might arrive today, and then I get to figure out how to mount it. It’s not a drop in replacement.

I have grapes on one of the vines, blueberries on some of the plants. The zukes are hanging in, but have been attacked by ants. I sprayed but then the rain came…. I’ll spray again. Meyer lemon bloomed and smelled fantastic for a week, so we’ll eventually get some lemons. Mint, basil, sage, and oregano are all doing very well. I’ve got so much dried basil I didn’t plant any this year, but it volunteered anyway. Tastes and smells right… The chives are so vigorous, I could used them as ground cover, or a garden border 😉 Don’t think I’m getting any more tomatoes, it’s too hot. Get some kind of garden going, even if it’s just herbs and salad….

I put away the 9 water containers I bought. They are going to the off-site location. I think I’ll move 2 of my 100L tanks there too, as soon as I make some room for them.

If you stored bleach last year, it’s time to refresh your stores. Use the old to clean your deck, driveway, or siding. Put some fresh away. Bleach is always handy and we’ve got ebola on the rise, and the always potential need for sterilizing water or stuff. It’s cheap insurance.

Hurricane season is coming. Time to go thru your stuff, change batteries, start storing more gasoline, think about that gennie purchase, etc. Or think of it as spring cleaning if you’re northern.

While ebola isn’t a threat to us at the moment, all it takes is one case on a plane to change that. The entire US medical system has about 20 beds available for treating something like Ebola. It was a very near miss last time. Think about what you need to have at home to isolate yourself for 45 days. Think about your work situation, child care, etc. in those same terms. Start taking steps. One thing I can guarantee, if it gets here in the immigrant community, it’s gonna blow up before it hits the hospitals.

Time to buy some ammo and get some shooting practice in too! If you haven’t gotten out all winter, time to dust off and touch up those perishable skills.

That’s what I’ve got for today,


added- super busy weekend with a child birthday pool party, opening weekend at the pool, and Memorial day. Lots of scrambling starting today…

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