Day: May 2, 2018

Wed. May 2, 2018 – more work

75F and HUMID this am. Still overcast too. Basically, yuck.

Very little reporting on any protests/riots for May Day. Wonder why that is? Gateway Pundit has some links to primary sources, ie. twitter accounts showing lots of smoke and angst in different cities around the world. I’m not linking because they have about 40 things adblocker stops and 20 scripts for all the garbage providers. No way to know if this was more or less than usual.

Which brings up the subject of disintermediation and it’s mirror- mediation and the ‘media-ation’ (for a really ugly word) of our society. Almost every experience of the world is mediated. Both in the sense of someone getting between us and the experience, and in the sense of ‘shaped by the media’. They have created a world that reflects their philosophy- there really IS NO objective reality any more for most people in the West.

The May Day is an example. Many media outlets were calling it a ‘celebration’ or a ‘holiday’. I even got an email newsletter/flyer wishing me a Happy May Day, FFS. No history, no context, and an attempt to change the perception (with possibly a bit of gaslighting) where there was coverage at all.

Now, I’m not unhappy that the foot stomping mental toddlers didn’t get the attention they wanted, in THIS case. But it is a disturbing glance behind the curtain. What ELSE is going on in the world that no one is seeing? What will the world look like when the current trend to ‘de-platform’ conservative voices becomes more effective?

How will you pass on your values in the face of a complete media blackout of any conservative view? What can be done to disintermediate the public sphere? Or our lives?


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