Day: May 23, 2018

Wed. May 23, 2018 – I call shenanigans

74F and clear, sunny blue skies. Gonna be another hot one here in the swamp.

Coverage of the Santa Fe murders has dropped off, and some things don’t add up. I’m starting to suspect some official shenanigans. Eyewitnesses say half hour between the shots fired and the surrender. The police say their guy ‘engaged’ the murderer immediately (and got shot) and that they ‘contained’ him in the art classroom area. Then they say he dropped to his knees and surrendered immediately upon being confronted. Eyewitness accounts had him taunting the students in the closet, with time for reloads, and time for people to find out there was a problem and try to call their kids. 20 people got shot.

Keeping in mind that initial reports are almost always wrong, this still doesn’t add up.

Then there’s the ‘none of the bombs had explosives in them’ / ‘yes they did’ back and forth.

But I’m assured by our district superintendent that

“Since the Parkland shooting in February, we have revisited our safety and security protocols, updated our safety plans and continued to conduct drills at our schools. Our central office staff has reviewed and updated our response plan in the event of an emergency. SBISD Police continue working with federal and other local law enforcement agencies to improve and enhance our security efforts. ”

“we take very seriously our responsibility for the safety and security of your children.”

So, which of the district response plans saved lives in Santa Fe? Which of them prevented the murders? Which of them mitigated the damage? I think I might have to attend our next school board meeting.


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