Sat. May 19, 2018 – busy busy busy….

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Already 76F and 84%RH with clear sunny skies.

Beautiful day to be at the pool, which is where I’ll be.


(with the kids doing time trials for swim team, and getting the facility ready for our opening weekend, and attending the member’s meeting. Probably won’t even get in the water.)

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  1. DadCooks says:

    Yesterday was not a good day. When going out to get the paper I found the remains of three kittens that had been ripped apart. I went in and checked my Ring Floodlight Cams and saw the culprit, a pit bull from the next street up. Made copies of the videos and turned them over to the Police and Animal Control. They say they will take action, but I am not optimistic. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the cops will do a search of the house and find drugs.

    This is not the first time this dog has killed, she should not have had this latest chance. She is sweet around people but goes crazy when she sees any other animal. Yes, she looks like she has had a fighting career.

    The people that own her are worthless scum in many ways. They are living in a house that was left to the daughter when her father died. She has her heavily tattooed “boyfriend” living with her and 5 other people of the same ilk. They cannot be bothered to mow the grass or keep their house up. The neighbor across the street from them (a Vietnam Flag Flying Vet, great guy, we talk, an OFD type but with no hair and a huge beard) mows the grass when it gets knee high and has called The City on them, but to no avail (we do have an ordinance that requires all vegetation be mowed to less than 6-inches).

    The kittens will be cremated this weekend and their ashes spread. There is a great Funeral Home that gives me a very good rate on cremating dead animals so I can afford it and I feel it is the right thing to do.

    Life Goes On. Peace and Strength. Forever Vigilant. Locked and Loaded.

  2. Nick Flandrey says:

    @dadcooks, that sucks, pure and simple.

    Don’t make them active enemies, they have lots of ways to mess with you, but don’t tolerate any actions on their part either.

    If they have a dangerous animal, and can’t control it, then it needs to be seized and put down. It may be sweet with humans MOST of the time, but some little kid will trigger the ‘mis-behaving puppy’ template in it, and it will attack the child in a effort to correct the puppy. That is not good.

    Also, you know now who needs to be taken care of first if S ever really does HTF.


  3. Ray Thompson says:

    She has her heavily tattooed “boyfriend” living with her and 5 other people of the same ilk

    Welfare generation, lazy, incompetent, wasting oxygen. I say let them take all the drugs they want until they die. Saves a lot of legal fees, court time and expense. Get them out of the gene pool, quickly.

  4. DadCooks says:

    Thanks for the comments @Nick and @Ray.

    On to better discussions:
    Anyone been following M.D. Creekmore “new” site and his resurrected focused(?) passion for prepping?

    Some good information, but has to be carefully considered and vetted. I find it off-putting when the right-third of a web site’s pages are ads. Just so much click bait.

    The kids’ are preparing for a Memorial Day Weekend trip to Portland (I am not at all happy about that). I have given them a basic prep list and have asked them to add to it. At least they are leaving a day before (Thursday) and coming home the day after (Tuesday). They are going to Powell’s (a huge bookstore), the Portland Zoo (main reason), the Japanese Gardens, and several other places. Their hotel puts them within walking distance of most.

  5. Jenny says:

    Not helpful for this trip, but I stayed at this AirBnB near NE Jarrett St and NE 27th Ave in late May. It was significantly less than a hotel and way more comfortable. Private entrance. Full kitchen with ton of small appliances. Building was a little noisy due to old creaky floors but nothing ear plugs couldn’t handle. I had a car but it was close to public transit. I “felt” safer than I generally do in hotels.

  6. nick flandrey says:

    WRT mdcreedmore, I haven’t visited his new site until just now. With scripts blocked there isn’t any ads but there is weird whitespace. Adblocker doesn’t see any ads to block.

    I used to read and comment at his old site pretty regularly, but finally stopped. It just got repetitive.


  7. nick flandrey says:

    Didn’t get in the water. Passed up many yard sales because I had a meeting to get to. GRRrrrr. Yard sale season is in full swing.

    Almost had the portacool finished before leaving this am. I just have to secure the filter media and I’ll be good to go. 3 holes, 3 bolts. Then I can start on the big shop fan 😉


  8. Greg Norton says:

    Didn’t get in the water. Passed up many yard sales because I had a meeting to get to. GRRrrrr. Yard sale season is in full swing.

    Yard sale this weekend. Cleaning/staging crews scheduled. House is on the market by Friday.

    I’m not sure about Houston, but real estate silly season started two weeks early in Austin after 30 year fixed rates went above 4.5%. Traffic is already a mess, lots of out of state plates, and it isn’t even Memorial Day.

    I often wonder when the last big Memorial Day Weekend will happen for Austin real estate before the bubble bursts. Maybe this is it. By this time next year, the reality of the $10,000 cap on local tax deductions will bite the market hard — I see $12,000 tax bills regularly on the homes listed for sale within the city limits near us, and it isn’t like the government entities involved will dial those back to ease the pain.

    That reminds me. I haven’t opened our trim notice yet…

  9. nick flandrey says:

    portacool is running and finished. Or I might change out the AC plug, since it has some corrosion on it. But it runs. So far the tank has lost 1 1/2 inches of water to evaporation in 1 hour, so it’s working.

    The 4 ft shop fan has frozen fan axle bearings and the motor is frozen too. The fan looks like regular bearings, and I might even have the right size in a box. I haven’t cracked the motor yet to see why it’s frozen. I buy bearings whenever I see them at yard sales or estate sales. They’re typically $1 each and I’ve used bearings from my stash a couple of times already. Saves $10-20 each time, so it’s worth having them. The replacement for the motor is $80 on amazon so even if I have to replace it, I’m only $130 into the fan.


    added- even better, amazon has it with cosmetic damage for $35…

  10. Greg Norton says:

    I buy bearings whenever I see them at yard sales or estate sales.

    The Allies always target the ball bearing factories on “Hogan’s Heroes”.

  11. MrAtoz says:

    I know nuthing, nuthing!

  12. nick flandrey says:

    And that was a classic error that has had books written about it. Not that they weren’t important, but they got the goal mixed up with the tactic….


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