Day: March 23, 2018

Fri. Mar. 23, 2018 – finally

60F with 90%RH and clear in Houston. NOAA weather map had the whole US basically clear for the next day. Been windy here though, which usually means weather coming in. I guess we’ll see.

One child at Girl Scout camp this weekend, the other with 3 outdoor events scheduled, so I certainly am hoping for clear…

Have to build a first aid/medicine bag for my wife to take to camp. Interesting mix. No trauma, but added “comfort” meds. I can’t quite just grab an existing bag.

I’m hoping to get the eye tracker installed on OFDs lappy today. I went thru another round of updates, 6 reboots, including another firmware/bios update. If win7 doesn’t work, and I have to go thru this all again, I’ll be using the offline update tool for sure. What a PITA.


OH, and What did you do to prep this week??

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