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Wed. Feb. 28th, 2018 – morning open

71F and 95%RH, with sun and fluffy clouds. Nice day, if a bit humid. Picked up 8 bags (2cu ft ea) of soil yesterday to refresh my raised beds. Got some pepper plants, and zucchini in pots. Need to pick … Continue reading

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Tues. Feb. 27, 2018 Maybe Europe is waking up, maybe it’s just the plan continuing to the next step

63F with 98%RH and overcast today. We’re on the edge of a front and will either get rain or not. Seems that Germany has finally acknowledged that there are in fact “No Go” zones in Germany, joining Sweden in the … Continue reading

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Mon. Feb. 26, 2018 – time to start another week

54F and 99%RH this fine drizzling morning here in tropical Houston… Felt a bit off all day yesterday, mild headache and a bit of dizziness, so I went to bed early.  Feel much better today.   We’ll see if it lasts. … Continue reading

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Sun. Feb. 25, 2018 – whew, kids let me sleep in….

Rainy day, dark outside, and the kids let me sleep. So I did 🙂 n

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Sat. Feb. 24, 2018 – Saturday morning open

73F with 93%RH and overcast this am. Lots of kid stuff to do, and work on the rent house, so “talk amongst yourselves.” nick

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Fri. Feb. 23, 2018 – What did you do to prep this week?

Friday again.  If time was passing any faster, it would be going backwards…. I’ve added an OFD Project page.  It’s link is in the black bar at the top of this page.  I’ll copy relevant comments or updates there as … Continue reading

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Thur. Feb. 22, 2018 – What’s on your mind?

55F and rainy today. Mixed rain and sun yesterday left bayous full and raging… Just an observation, but if we as a society can’t even consider some ideas in the public sphere, then democracy is lost. This is when a … Continue reading

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Wed. Feb. 21, 2018 – the cynical left

As I look thru today’s headlines I’m reminded that the left will use any thing and anyone to advance their agenda. Like the Terminator, they just won’t stop until you’re dead. n

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Tues. Feb. 20, 2018. Out and about

Typing on my phone to get started today.   Playing taxi service….   Watched ice dancing last night, very graceful, surprisingly strong.       N

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Mon. Feb. 19, 2018 – President’s Day

I’m home with the kids today, and doing a Craigslist deal. We’re supposed to get some rain, so it should be indoor work after that. n

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