Month: February 2018

Wed. Feb. 28th, 2018 – morning open

71F and 95%RH, with sun and fluffy clouds.

Nice day, if a bit humid.

Picked up 8 bags (2cu ft ea) of soil yesterday to refresh my raised beds. Got some pepper plants, and zucchini in pots. Need to pick up some manure. I’m working at a customer’s today so I won’t be getting them planted yet.

Got 2 more coats of cold galvanize on my antenna mast (pipe) and found 2 fence clamps that will work very well to mount it.

Ordered some hinge parts for the driveway gate project.

Spent an hour talking to an old friend on the phone. If the universe butt dials your phone to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, consider it a gift, and TALK. Don’t pass up the opportunity, you might not get it again.

Stuff to do, better get to work…


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Tues. Feb. 27, 2018 Maybe Europe is waking up, maybe it’s just the plan continuing to the next step

63F with 98%RH and overcast today. We’re on the edge of a front and will either get rain or not.

Seems that Germany has finally acknowledged that there are in fact “No Go” zones in Germany, joining Sweden in the Blindingly Obvious Olympics.

To deny reality is a lefty and progressive trait, but eventually reality intrudes. FFS, CHICAGO has no-go zones for ordinary people, and certainly USED to have them for cops. Most of our worst cities have areas the police will only enter in pair or in force. To think that Euro cities, who’ve imported millions of lawless immigrants from primitive tribal cultures DON’T is pure fantasy.

The question now is, are they realizing their mistake, or is the plan just advancing to the next phase. I suppose it depends on how cynical one is, how one answers that question.

In news closer to home, more ridiculous and dishonorable info is coming out of Coward County Fla. This may be the event that drives a change in doctrine across the country. I hope so. In every other industry we learn from disasters and apply the lessons paid for with blood to prevent and minimize future disaster. Let that be true of this one.


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Mon. Feb. 26, 2018 – time to start another week

54F and 99%RH this fine drizzling morning here in tropical Houston…

Felt a bit off all day yesterday, mild headache and a bit of dizziness, so I went to bed early.  Feel much better today.   We’ll see if it lasts.

I doubt anyone out there has as many active kindles as I do, but I found out something interesting.  It seems the publisher can limit the number of devices you have a book D/L’d to at the same time.   I was trying to load up a kindle with all 16 books in one series when I got the notice that it was unavailable for download.  Google suggested that there were secret limits on the number of devices, so I got on a chat with Amazon support.

Turns out there is a limit, it can be anything from 3  up to 99 according to Saed, the CSR from my chat.

Amazon’s tool for online management of content on different devices sucks dead bunnies.  You can easily PUT content on your devices but not REMOVE IT.  Nor is there an easy way to see at a glance where your content is.  Others have noted that there aren’t any real tools for organizing your content either.  It seems they got to “good enough” and stopped.  Meh, it’s still the best pure ereader out there, despite its flaws, and I doubt they considered someone with 15 kindles when they were designing their systems.


On a political and media note… I’m not ready to say this kid Hogg from Florida isn’t genuine (don’t really buy into the ‘crisis actor’ thing) but something isn’t right.  There are too many pictures of him laughing and smiling, video of him rehearsing, and he’s suddenly EVERYWHERE.  He may just be a sociopathic opportunist, or he may be something else, but random ordinary person number 7 he most surely isn’t.



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Fri. Feb. 23, 2018 – What did you do to prep this week?

Friday again.  If time was passing any faster, it would be going backwards….

I’ve added an OFD Project page.  It’s link is in the black bar at the top of this page.  I’ll copy relevant comments or updates there as a record of what’s going on with that.  (Edited by RickH: that page now has comments enabled, so you can post comments here to be moved, or on that page to be shown on that page. All comments, no matter what page posted, are shown in the Recent Comments list over on the right [or below this post on smaller screens].)

And I’m bringing back Bob’s “What did you do to prep this week.”   It’s always the “quiet before the storm”, well, when the storm isn’t  “on the horizon”.  With that as a given, I’ll just say, “what can’t continue, won’t.”   We’ve seen examples elsewhere, and historically even here of how quickly things can change and how bad things can get.  This is a good time to take inventory, rotate some stuff, try some stuff out, get some more stuff, connect with new people, and learn a new skill.

No one knows the future, but in the last couple of years talking about it, we’ve seen Venezuela go from “man they have trouble coming” to “mmmm, tasty zebra.”

We’ve already GOT ‘Hoovervilles’ only with more drugs and crime.  We’ve already got social influencers touting “tiny homes” and normalizing reduced expectations.  Youtube “van life” to get a window to a whole culture of nomadic homelessness and reduced expectations. We’ve got a whole generation conditioned to socialism, envy, selfishness/narcissism, casual sex and violence, and most of them have really poor prospects.  They are gonna be REALLY ANGRY and ready to lash out when they figure it all out.

So what did I get done this week?   I got the first coat of cold galvanizing on my new HF antenna mast.  The rain came back so getting that done and the antenna back up is on hold.

I cleaned up my raised beds.  I need to add manure and soil, and get my spring garden planted.   I did move some onion starts to a window box, but I don’t know if they’ll prosper.  They are pretty lame looking.   I planted some herb seeds along with the onion, but it looks like I was just feeding the squirrels.  I’ll be doing more garden stuff this week.

I bought a used metal gate from Habitat and will adapt it to close off my driveway.  Another project that needs some dry days.  For now, I’m just mounting it simply.  Eventually I’ll add a better post and an electric opener for convenience.  It will control access to my driveway and garage, and visually hide all that stuff from the street.

My work on my ‘hurricane room’ continues slowly, but progress gets made.

I’ve got a rental house as a retirement plan and income stream, and I’ve got repairs and painting to do there after the last tenants moved out.  I made some progress on cleaning and paint prep.  Wife hired a painter, which just leaves the repairs for me.  Still more fair weather tasks though.

My battle with the rats continues.  I’ll have a whole ‘lessons learned’ but the short version is- they are extremely destructive and will literally eat you out of house and home.  Jump on them hard and quickly at the first sign.   Stock up on the supplies NOW.  If, like me, you have an environmental change that ends with a rat infestation, your neighbors are likely to have one too.  Rat traps and poisons are in short supply in local stores at the moment.  Rats are smart, social, and seem to pass on their learning.  They are not trapped more than once or twice with the same technique.  They will avoid peanut butter like death itself once they know it is bait.

Ebay selling is slow for big items and ok for smaller stuff.  I’ve sold a mix of industrial controls, collectibles, housewares, and public safety gear this month.  I’ve sold old crap and new old stock to police and fire departments and to individual cops.  They are looking for bargains on ebay, so I know budgets must be tight.  Even though my sales are slow, I’m encouraging everyone to get selling on ebay or amazon.  You’ve got crap you can get rid of as a starter, and it is a decent part time income from part time work.  You WILL need the income stream at some point.


With that, I’ve got another day of paying work today, so will be away from the pc for a while.

What did YOU do to prep this week?




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Thur. Feb. 22, 2018 – What’s on your mind?

55F and rainy today. Mixed rain and sun yesterday left bayous full and raging…

Just an observation, but if we as a society can’t even consider some ideas in the public sphere, then democracy is lost. This is when a ‘strong man’ steps in with promises to ‘make it all better’ because you are a helpless and frustrated victim who ‘just wants the problem solved.’

We’ve seen how this ends, and it’s NOT with an increase in liberty and prosperity.


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Wed. Feb. 21, 2018 – the cynical left

As I look thru today’s headlines I’m reminded that the left will use any thing and anyone to advance their agenda. Like the Terminator, they just won’t stop until you’re dead.


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