Day: March 9, 2018

Fri. Mar. 9, 2018 – Already?? Jeez….

50F when I got up this am, with the smell of moisture in the air. I could see my breath when I put the kids in the car. Sunny and bright, scattered clouds. NOAA had us in the middle of a T-storm area for today. Hope that isn’t coming as I’ve still got a bunch to do.

Still riding the update, rinse, repeat cycle to get OFD’s lappy going. Lenovo’s updater is a full on POS. Oh, it will check and get you all the drivers, etc it thinks you need, but you still have to click Accept on each license. The worst bit is that on SOME, but only some, the license page is a ‘pop under’ so you just see the stalled progress bar on the Updater. So much fail. If each bit really needs a license acceptance, why not allow checkboxing the whole list when it’s assembled and before starting the update? And POP UNDER? WTF.

More Grumpy old man syndrome. I try not to be a grammar nazi online. Even on written posts, sometimes the fingers just type and you get a there, they’re, their error, or some other common error. Its and it’s get me about half the time too. One that catches my eye though is fewer vs. less. I see this more and more often including in printed and copy-edited material where someone should have known better. There is a rule folks. Fewer when talking about numbers of stuff you can count, less when talking about the amount of something. Last night we were playing a game with the kids, needed to check the rules, and our 8yo read something with a fewer/less error. I corrected her, but she said that’s how it’s written. Sure enough. Layers of editors my hind end….

More work on the gate, more work on the fence, more work on the garden, more work……

Get to it then!!!


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