Day: March 1, 2018

Thur. Mar. 1, 2018 – windy and cooler

65F, windy and cool. I guess we are on the edge of a weather system. I’m getting a bit tired of rain.

Spent most of yesterday on a client site, and will return today to finish up some details.

A quick scan of headlines and I see more of the same. What’s missing? Anything about flu.

Thanks to Miles for a sure sign of the coming apocalypse, Aussies almost beat Texans at BBQ on our home turf!

And by following a couple of links there on the other side of the world, I see that child rape is not just a local thing, and the people of the community are just as befuddled and sheep-like as ours. I note especially the calls for more policing while at the same time, “Locals are now speaking out about their ongoing fears for the safety of women and children in one of the most heavily policed regions in the country”

The cops and .gov mouth the same platitudes “full responsibility” “but we’ve made improvements” “blah blah” while local leaders tell obvious and self-contradictory lies “”There’s a big issue for the community, sexual violence against children, under the age of 14, 15. We don’t tolerate that,” he said.” Yet they DO tolerate it, and they DID tolerate it. This is all happening within the community. Earlier in the article the family says it had “expressed concerns” and the cops and child welfare had both been to the home MANY times. Yet they tolerated it. Allowed it. Each now blaming the other and “alcohol.” Wherever you go, native peoples are destroyed by alcohol, and their communities wallow in self pity and blame.

I see this as all part of the larger problem of failed liberal and progressive policy. No matter where you go in the western world, you see ‘do gooder’ policies concentrating poverty and crime, increasing helplessness. You see the victims calling for more outside intervention, despite that being the problem in the first place. More cops, when you are already one of the most heavily policed areas, are probably NOT going to solve your problem. If you find yourself at the bottom of an unwanted hole, first you need to STOP DIGGING. More of the same failed “solutions” won’t reverse your situation.


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