Day: March 6, 2018

Tues. Mar. 6, 2018 – nice day, sun came out!

Well, it’s 66F with 46%RH which is a nice change. Yesterday was very humid with overcast and storm clouds in the distance. Today is sunny, partly cloudy, cool, and dry. This is the first time that I’ve noticed the NOAA national forecast for the area to be wrong. Yesterday it had Houston in the middle of a t-storm zone. I suppose it’s still possible we’ll get storms later today. I hope not.

This is a bit worrying, and typically it is a tiny mention, way down the page….

Lassa fever death toll hits 110: Fatalities in Nigeria rocket by 22% in a week amid ‘unusually severe’ outbreak of the killer disease

Global health chiefs declared this is Nigeria’s worst ever outbreak of Lassa fever
There has been 1,121 suspected cases of the disease since January, figures show
This year’s outbreak carries a significantly higher death rate than the usual 1%


Elsie Ilori, head of the NCDC’s Lassa Fever Emergency Operations Centre, described the situation as ‘overwhelming’ last week.

In an interview with Bloomberg, she explained that the current outbreak is ‘more than what we have seen before’. 

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From a tiny, casual mention back when Indonesia was suffering the black plague outbreak to ” the worst outbreak of the deadly bug to have ever rocked Nigeria” in only a month or two.

Good thing for us we’re not allowing unlimited immigration and travel from sh1thole countries…..  oh, wait….



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