Day: March 12, 2018

Mon. Mar.12, 2018 – what did you do to prep last week?

39F and dry here in Santa Fe. Breakfast coming up soon.

Since I forgot last week and didn’t get much response to the reminder, what did you do to prep?

I got two of my raised beds conditioned and planted. Got the window boxes planted. Cilantro is coming up fine. Got the citrus trees pruned and the orange is in blossom. So is the peach. Got 4 more blueberry bushes planted.

I got the antenna mast installed and secured. That meant getting the fence section rebuilt, and reinforced.

Did some work on getting OFD’s pc ready.

And that’s it.

Two days after getting home I have the Rosenburg hamfest and swapmeet. I always do the swapmeet to sell a bunch of stuff that has built up over the year. They’ll be testing for new and upgrade licenses so if you are in the area, Saturday next…get your ticket.

And now for some Santa Fe breakfast….


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