Day: March 11, 2018

Sun. Mar. 11,2018 – Safely in Santa Fe

Cool and partly cloudy today here, Well, COLD. Might get snow. Ski lesson in humiliy and aging later today. Might not survive that 🙂 Kids should enjoy it. Hope I don’t do a Kennedy….

Appetizers at the hotel bar were awesome last night. Looking forward to some good eats.

Albequergue airport is a bit tired but is getting renovated.

The drive was nice. Those are some black skies still, although my wife says not as black as 20 years ago.

BTW, @Lynn- finally finished the book you recco’d- The Girl With All The Gifts. What a creepshow. Good, but creepy. I think I’ll skip the movie.

And I’m skipping the news, so I hope the world hasn’t lost its mind last night.


Oh, and because of the time zone, and DST I think I’m back on my home time this am which is weird.

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