Day: March 4, 2018

Sun. Mar. 4, 2018 – winter strikes again

Anyone in the extreme weather zone, stay warm, safe, and dry. This is why we prep. Weather is much more likely than global systemic collapse… if you can’t deal with the weather, you won’t be ready for anything worse.

I put up some hints for staying warm late yesterday in the comments. We’ve got at least a couple of readers stuck in the bad weather. One I left off is to keep your caloric intake up. You’re body needs fuel to stay warm. This is incidentally where most of the “buckets-o-disaster-food” fail. They assume crazy low calories per person per day in order to get their day count up. Day count sells buckets, but it doesn’t keep you warm if you’re starving slowly.

Lots more to do outside today if the rain holds off, currently 72F and 90%RH and kinda grey.


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