Day: March 30, 2018

Fri. Mar. 30, 2018 – Friday, already.

60F with 83%RH here in Houston. I think it will be a good day for working outside. Pity that I’ll be inside all day.

Kids are home from school, so in order to get anything done, they will be at Science Camp. The rise of private educational and “edutainment” options is a bit like bottled water. People now find themselves paying to get what they should be getting from .gov as part of their basic services.

In other news, this is the day that a large chunk of the civilized world remembers when local religious and community leaders used the power of an oppressive state to condemn and murder one of their own. They didn’t like him or the disruption he was causing in their community, so they dimed him to the .gov for political beliefs. Thousands stood by, while the leader of their movement was tortured and killed. There is a lesson there that might not be the one you were taught in Sunday School.


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