Month: November 2017

Thursday November 30, 2017

It was 35 degrees with a light frost and calm when I took Colin out at 7:40.
Not much to report today. I did not go to Winston yesterday. Al visited Bob for me. He was alert and talking. The NG tube was still in. I called yesterday afternoon to talk to the nurse. She said the order was in to have it removed and start using the stomach tube.

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Wednesday November 29, 2017

It was 44 degrees and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:30.
Yesterday was another long day at the hospital. When I arrived at 10 I was told his stomach tube procedure had been moved to 1pm. It was 2 when they finally took him down and 5:20 when he was finally back in the room. The doctor did not allow the NG tube from his nose to be removed until this morning rounds. He still has a lot of congestion in his lungs.

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Tuesday November 28, 2017

It was 33 degrees with a light frost and calm when
I took Colin out at 7:30.
Bob gets his stomach feeding tube put in this morning. I spent several hours with him yesterday. With his nose tube out they plan to start getting him up in a chair and doing PT/OT. Hopefully getting better nutrition through the stomach tube will help him get stronger both physically and mentally.

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Monday November 27, 2017

It was 35 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:30.
Not much to report. I went to see Bob yesterday foe a couple of hours.The nurse told me he had been up all night Saturday which why he never really did wake up while I was there.

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Sunday November 26, 2017

It was 35 degrees and breezy when I took Colin out at 7:30.

I want to thank all of Bob’s readers for the kind words of encouragement to both me and for him during this tough time.
I did not go to Winston yesterday. My sister and brother-in-law stopped in to see him to give me a day off. He knew who they were and carried on a somewhat limited conversation about me, Colin, where we live, etc. We have a very long road ahead of us but between family and friends I think we will get there.

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Saturday November 25, 2017

It was 40 degrees when I took Colin out at 7:30.
I was down to see Bob yesterday for about two hours. Things are pretty much the same mentally and physically.

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Friday November 24, 2017

It was 30 degrees with a heavy frost and calm when I took Colin out at 7:15.
Bob was moved to a regular room yesterday afternoon. He is still confused and agitated.

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Thursday November 23, 2017

It was 24 degrees with a heavy frost and sunny when I took Colin out at 7:15.
I went down to Bob for the usual 2pm visit. The did fail the swallowing test but they are going to try again on Monday. I thought he was a little better mentally than he was the day before.
I just spoke with his nurse. He was up most of the night but was not overly agitated so was sleeping when I called. They have put in the transfer orders to move him to a bed up on a floor. I am hoping that will help move along his recovery and I can see him at more normal hours. It may be today or tomorrow depending on when they can get a bed.

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Wednesday November 22, 2017

It was 40 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I had Colin out at 7am.

I was down to see Bob yesterday afternoon. We did exchange a few words but for the most part he was groggy and not very talkative.
I just spoke with Josh. He was up most of the night. He pulled out two of his feeding tubes I think.
The doctor changed one of his medications and they fixed the tubes so he can’t pull them out. The doctor has ruled out a stroke for the cause of the mental issues. Medically he is doing good though he has some congestion in his chest he is still not coughing up so they want to keep him in ICU.

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Tuesday November 21, 2017

It was 40 degrees when I took Colin out at 7:20, partly cloudy and a little breezy.

The doctors removed the heart pump yesterday afternoon. I was allowed in to see in very briefly when they returned him to ICU after the procedure since it was after ICU visiting hours. The side of his heart that was working at 29% is now up to 40% working on its own.I spoke with Dr.Lee while I was in ICU and he is very pleased.

This morning the nurses said he is still sluggish but could tell them his name and date of birth. He had a good night and was calm this morning. The nurses told me much of his agitation and confusion can be from the pump. He is too weak to cough up the stuff from his lungs so they are not feeding him by mouth as yet but he allowed them to put the tube down his nose so they can get some nutrition in him.

Another big plus is they are removing the big IV in his neck to a picc line to make him more comfortable. My dad had those several times and it will make things better without the big heavy IV in his neck. They will keep him in ICU, which I agree with, because they can better handle the little things going on until he is stronger and perhaps able to eat orally. That team is taking great care of him.

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