Day: November 7, 2017

Tues, Nov 7, Nick again…..

Once again, let me offer my best wishes for a quick and uneventful procedure and a speedy and full recovery.

Let me further offer to Barbara whatever help I can provide.  If you have some issue your local support can’t deal with, please just ask here.  Bob has built up a large network of very resourceful and capable people here.  I’m certain that some of us could help, no matter the issue.



Today in Houston dawned with a bright colorful sky, comfortable temps in the mid 70s and 99%RH.   99%!  I guess I won’t be putting away the Halloween decor today until much later if and when it finally dries.

WRT illnesses… from reading the comments for a year at another prepper blog, I think that the most common use of preps, especially stored food, is the sudden or prolonged illness of a family member.  This is followed closely by loss of income, and a death in the family.  In the worst cases, all three of these calamities happen one after another.

When my wife made a (somewhat snarky) comment about me storing food and why are we storing enough for a zombie apocalypse, I replied that I was storing it for six months of breast cancer treatment, or a year of heart attack recovery….   [well, I said it quietly, inside my head- because I’m not stupid]

I know telling her this would have been a kick in the teeth, and I’m not actually mean either- IRL.  But other than short term hurricane recovery, those are the most likely uses for storage food and also the most likely uses for stored cash.


I try to recount the simple things, the mundane things, that prepping has helped me with, so that people can understand the value.  It’s not just for some mythical and far off/probably never gonna happen/doom porn scenario.  Your prepping should help you in your every day life.

Being prepared means calmly and competently dealing with the sort of things that happen to people, all the time and every day.

And that’s called living.

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