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  1. So a couple of people here think Apple is going to buy Tesla just so Elon Musk can be the next Apple CEO. That could happen, but I think it more likely Elon Musk will build Todos Santos after the next big LA riot.

  2. Good morning Barbara, that isn’t bad news, he’s had quite a major insult to his body and mind. I’m sure every second is an agony, but there will be progress… and the end result is worth it. I can’t imagine the shock of going from thinking you are reasonably healthy, to being desperately sick, in one day, even though I’ve seen friends and family go thru that exact change far more times than I’d like. But I’ve also seen the recovery, and the difference is stunning as well.

    I found the well wishes of believers and strangers to be (surprisingly) comforting when my uncle passed suddenly, and I hope you can find some comfort and support from it too. You are past the first milestone, he survived the surgery. Now you are in a marathon to recovery. We’ll be here, holding out water cups for the racer…


  3. When people bemoan the lack of critical thinking skills in the population, I think we can lay at least some of the blame on shite like this article. The mental gymnastics required to write, read, and BELIEVE nonsense like this (which is just a small part of PC culture) are astounding.


    “One child dead and five others injured after two groups aged 12 to 16 ‘cross paths’ and open fire on Cleveland street

    Six boys aged between 12 and 16 have been shot – one has been killed
    The shootings came after two groups of teenage boys appeared to clash in the street but it is not thought to be gang related “

    Calling a 16 yo urban youth a “child” might be technically accurate, but it is certainly misleading if you’ve ever met one of these “children.” All of whom can be tried as adults for murder, btw…

    And to think that two groups, who are both illegally armed up, would shoot each other just ‘cuz they “crossed paths” without any gang affiliation takes a special kind of stupid.

    This is a form of brainwashing. Call it ‘gaslighting’ or cognitive dissonance, it breaks down peoples’ ability to believe in the truth of their perceptions and lived experience.


  4. Clear indication that the Clinton era is over:


    “Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express””

    this guy must be pretty sure their power is waning, or there will be a suspicious single vehicle crash in his future… or possible a “home invasion robbery gone wrong”…


    (cue OFD…)

  5. That report of two gangs groups of young adults children shooting at each other and killing one is very disturbing.

    It’s an outrage! All those bullets fired and only one death!? What’s going on here?

    I demand a return of the civilian marksmanship program, to be focused on vibrant children, with the goal of teaching them to kill each other reliably when non-gang-related groups cross paths.

  6. “Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

    I’d like to believe that something will come from this, but usually when these things are pre-announced they either never happen or end up being underwhelming. I’m not sure if it’s because there was nothing to announce in the first place or if they used the tease to get some bribe money in exchange for not releasing anything.

  7. So many of these ‘urban children’ are ferals who are dead inside and have no hope of ever becoming civilized human beings. Sadly, government policy egged on by the leftards give incentives for their parents to breed and produce more of these young sociopaths.

  8. The Clintons will not go away until people realize they are Zombies. To kill Zombies, you need to destroy their brains. The most surefire route is simply lopping off the cranium with a chainsaw, machete, or samurai sword. Note that you lop of the cranium (the skull, especially the part enclosing the brain) not the head at the neck.

    Another day of hope, prayers, and best wished for Bob and Barbara, OFD, Matt’s Wife, and all the rest who are in need of the help.

  9. Slow progress is progress – hang on in there, Barbara. I hope you’re staying on top of the laundry (IIRC that’s de rigueur for a Saturday?); Bob won’t be pleased if standards have slipped 😉

    Things on the up for Mrs Mat – abdominal pain down to tolerable level and two trips out of the house now. I hope OFD is making progress…

    The inevitable happened with our client yesterday – 31 people out of work with zero notice and no pay. They’ll get their money from the UK Government Redundancy fund in due course, but right now there’s a lot of very upset and extremely angry folk in town. It seems the liquidators may be willing to pay us to keep the systems alive whilst the last rites are performed – I have a number in mind but I ain’t playing that game for peanuts.

    Getting far too cold here now – need to get myself South and soon.

  10. “EXCLUSIVE: ‘American mercenaries are torturing’ Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince – and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down”

    It looks more and more that Saudi Arabia is going to survive. The new 32 year old crown prince is putting his 2,000 cousins on notice that the gravy train is over.

    Saudi Arabia turning into another Iran would be a freaking disaster for the world economy. Oil would zoom back up to $150/bbl.

  11. “Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express””

    Bongino has been out there spilling his stories for a while. I remember hearing him a couple of years ago when he was prepping to run for Congress and doing the rounds of conservative radio.

    The only way Bongino has more stories is that he has another agent willing to come forward, but, IIRC, the Secret Service was banned from the “Lolita Express”, a situation which created quite a stir when it first happened.

  12. Let’s get frackin’ Mr. Lynn!

    ??? You’re going to drill holes in him, pump him full of water and air, and wait for oil to come shooting out? Sheesh, what did he ever do to you? And even if we ignore the human rights violation (easy to do because as both a straight, white, christian man and a business owner he’s not even really human — I know this because I saw it on the internet somewhere) do you think it will be productive?

  13. Note to self, get a restraining order on Mr. Atoz. I dont want to have my body directionally drilled and sand pumped inside me !

  14. I dont want to have my body directionally drilled

    Brings a new, more disturbing meaning to “I’d tap that”.

  15. Any gemologists in the house? I inherited a ring I thought was blue topaz, but under UV light (~395nm) it glows a carnelian red. From a cursory Goggle search, it shouldn’t do that.

  16. Nooz from very near Lake Woebegon II; blistered feet healing very nicely, finally. But a second knee buckling/near fall on T-Day at the shower and now a marked decrease in my ability to stand from bed or wheelchair to the walker. Two steps forward, one step back.

    Got sent out via ambulance the other day for an MRI and then again yesterday for an epidural shot to my neck for new left arm weakness. Right arm/shoulder weakness may still be a partially torn rotator cuff, and that will be on the VA next year sometime. (from hard fall backwards onto cement at their WRJ facility weeks ago.)

    Tentative release date is 12/5 but that seems doubtful now; I’ve been putting in tremendous effort for little/slow results thus far. Wife won’t be home for more than a day or so until 12/12. Princess at house this week for animals; not sure about next week yet.

    And still too early to know if I can get back to school in January.

    Foreign and domestic shit continues to burn away madly but lately IDGAF. Worried about Bob and Barbara down there in the Banana Belt and my wife going to Orlando, CA and NZ. Prayers morning, noon and night for us all.

    Wife arriving shortly to stop by on first leg of her trip to Florida.

    And if I never see another Friday of Color sale email or T-Day greeting “from our family to yours” that goes on to a sales pitch, it will be too soon. Humbug!

  17. Jim.
    Tanzanite is blue/purple in sunlight/indoor light and sometimes a yellow depending on orientation of the cut.
    It’s called dichoric property and many gemstones show a minor color shift but not as dramatic as tanzanite.
    I’ve only seen a couple stones with this obvious color shift.

    Best wishes and get well and stay well to all.

  18. Just stuck this on Facebook:

    I survived yet another Friday of Color. Didn’t buy anything but a loaf of white bread for turkey sandwiches. ‘Cause wheat bread doesn’t work. Oh wait, wheat bread is brown, white is evil patriarchal stuff. Off to re-education camp for me…

    E-mail is crazy this year. In no particular order, Lowes, Home Depot, Klockit, Collins Street Bakery, SpeedoUSA, and New Egg, to name a few, have hit me with /at least/ 4 messages pushing Friday of Color sales. For each of the last FOUR days. Delete. And hey, Collins Street… where are my fruitcakes already?

    The turkey was great! The stock? The best I have ever made. Supper last night was a bowl of simmering stock and a large hand full of turkey stirred in. Add a bit of pepper and salt…. I’m doing the same tonight. I added some thyme while the stock is heating tonight. Tomorrow is stuffing and gravy, that should finish the turkey. Then we are back to porridge and gruel until Christmas.

  19. I’m looking forward to the Christmas ham. Because, ya know, ham. And applesauce.

    I worked on my gate area today. We have a cattle guard at the property line. We have a gate about 30 feet in.

    At the cattle guard, the opening in the perimeter fence is about 30 feet. 10 feet on each side of the guard. At the corners the fence turns in to the gate posts. So I used a fence panel on each side…. set from the corner posts to the outer edge of the cattle guard. So if the gate opener fails, the cattle guard will keep the cattle in. It looked pretty good, cleaner, anyway.

    The neighbor’s horses are hungry. They want over here. A couple of horses figured how to step over the corner of the guard. Wow, they scalped the grass between the guard and the gate. I never mow that short…

    Today I moved the panels…. to the middle of the cattle guard. And used barbless barb wire instead of electric fence wire to attach everything.

    Maybe I should draw a picture…

    edit: The cattle guard is 10 feet wide by 6 feet. 10 foot long by 4 inch pipes spaced about 4 inches apart. Set on concrete footings about a foot above the ground.

  20. barbless barb wire

    Wouldn’t that be … wire?

    I’m looking forward to the Christmas ham. Because, ya know, ham.

    Tip: you can cook a ham any time of the year, not only on Christmas. I do maybe one a month on average.

  21. Yeah, that would be wire. But this is like double stranded bobwire … just missing the bobs.

    Stiff wire, maybe 12 gauge and galvanized.

    Yeah, I know about ham anytime. But OTHER PEOPLE here act like it’s ham for Xmas and Easter and that is all. So…. Spam. 🙂

  22. Now, I’m not saying the OTHER PEOPLE should be fed to pigs to fatten up the pigs to then be converted into ham…

  23. Pig, use everything but the squeal….

    Side note, at the giant asian market in San Diego (99 Ranch) they had frozen pig anus in big bins. Purple mini donuts. Frozen. In a pallet sized bin. Pallet sized.

    I’m not that nuts about pig…


  24. “I’m not that nuts about pig…”

    What are rocky mountain oysters from a pig? 🙂

  25. Well. I watched a movie on Amazon Prime on my PC. Quality wise, VHS and parts as Beta. But it is Saturday night and it gets slow enough that T-bird can’t connect.

    The roku with my 55″ Vizio work quite well together. My PC has “shitty” for lack of a better term video. I’d stuff in the nVidia card from my old PC… but the slots have changed. Meh.

  26. The roku with my 55″ Vizio work quite well together. My PC has “shitty” for lack of a better term video. I’d stuff in the nVidia card from my old PC… but the slots have changed. Meh.

    I put a GeForce GT 1030 card into my wife’s PC with a Core2 motherboard. The 1030 cards are excellent cheap upgrades for older machines, but you will need an active DVI-D to VGA adapter if your monitor only has VGA connections.

    If you’re on a really tight budget, I’m still rocking a GT 240 card on my primary desktop (Q6600!). It plays video, Civ III, and Starcraft II well enough for me.

  27. “Gunmaker Remington faces default ”

    I’ve only half paid attention, but Remington has managerial issues iirc. Bought or run by speculators who wanted a quick profit, is what I remember. No interest in the business, only in strip mining it.

    I could be mis-remembering….


  28. I’ve only half paid attention, but Remington has managerial issues iirc. Bought or run by speculators who wanted a quick profit, is what I remember. No interest in the business, only in strip mining it.

    Private equity? Yeah, I’m with the Progs on that one. The Toys R Us stores around us don’t look like the living dead Sears stores

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