Day: November 5, 2017

In the absence of our host, I’ll open Sunday

I’ll begin with continued hope and prayers that both our host and OFD make speedy and complete recoveries.

I hope that everyone got an extra hour’s rest this AM?

I have no real insights from my trip, but will note that the instructions to travelers have changed, at least at Tampa Int’l Airport outbound. Now passengers are required to remove “any electronics larger than cell phones” from their carryon bags for xray scanning. This was different from IAH on my outbound leg, where the same old rules applied so I don’t know when the change was made or how widespread it is.

Also of some interest, I got email from United that Premier status members won’t be getting Pre-check as a routine matter any more, because TSA reduced the number of Pre-check statuses they were distributing to partners. United suggested enrolling in Pre-check and paying the fee as an alternative. Lots of food for thought in that one email….

One prepper note, I finally used the Gerber multi-tool I’ve been carrying in my Dopp kit for years. I had an aluminum door sweep to install that was a tiny bit too long. My Gerber has a metal file on it that worked admirably well (albeit slowly) to saw thru and clean up the end of the sweep.

And of course I once again got good use out of my medical kit, as dad has very thin skin and a variety of minor skin injuries that needed tending.

If anyone is keeping track, (and in the modern ‘me too/ look at ME!!!’ culture), I have not passed my stone out of my body that I’m aware of. Since I’ve been told, with shudders, that I’ll be very aware of its passing, this is a tiny bit worrisome. I guess I’ll be talking to the Dr myself soon.

And that’s enough to start the day, I think.


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