Tuesday November 28, 2017

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It was 33 degrees with a light frost and calm when
I took Colin out at 7:30.
Bob gets his stomach feeding tube put in this morning. I spent several hours with him yesterday. With his nose tube out they plan to start getting him up in a chair and doing PT/OT. Hopefully getting better nutrition through the stomach tube will help him get stronger both physically and mentally.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Morning Barbara, thanks for the update.

    While it still sounds gruesome and intrusive, it IS an improvement. Baby steps at first, and celebrating each small move forward….

    with our continued well wishes,


  2. Mat Lemmings says:

    Losing the nose tube is another victorious battle en route to winning the war.

    Continued best wishes to you both.

  3. DadCooks says:

    Progress, no matter how slow or small is still progress.

    Now Bob can finally get some Vita-Mix turkey and gravy and stuffing and corn, all in one homogeneous mixture 🙂

    Spent most of yesterday in the ER with the Wife. An abscess under her upper left bridge suddenly developed very early Monday morning. The left side of her head swelled to twice normal and turned black and blue. CT scans to determine extent of abscess, fortunately not into brain, sinuses, ears, or eyes. Drained and shot full of several antibiotics and some good pain meds. Picked-up 3 prescriptions, 2 antibiotics and prednisone. ER Doc consulted with our dentist. So today we are off to the dentist to get the “cause” fixed.

    Well best wishes, hope, and prayers for all.

  4. nick flandrey says:

    @dadcooks, YIKES I bet that hurts.

    As preppers, it behooves us to address medical dental and visual issues NOW while we can. It’s easy to not deal with something that is unpleasant or potentially painful, but it can kill you if it becomes critical at the wrong time.

    Fix your fixable issues!

    Get checked to see if you have any!


  5. MrAtoz says:

    My best for you and your wife, Mr. DadCooks. And Mr. Nick is right: get your physicals, dental checks, etc. Most are covered by insurance.

  6. nick flandrey says:

    on a completely different topic, against my inclination, I let FireFox update to the ‘completely new’ version.

    It’s fast! I’ll give it that. And thanks to ?Rick? who gave the instructions for moving the reload button back to where it belongs.

    But WTF? They only just got me used to using the thumbnails on the ‘new tab’ and now they’ve changed them? Thankfully, there is a way to go back to the old ‘new tab’ page.

    Yes, if you were doing something naughty or ill advised, the updated thumbnail could have exposed you… so don’t DO IT. Use the portable version set to amnesia….and private. Lots of ways for you to get busted besides the thumbnails using vanilla FF….

    The other thing is noscript isn’t supported. I guess I need a reco for another script killer for the obnoxious pages with pop out video players.


    Did I mention it’s FAST?

    added- and they’ve messed with the look of it too. Hard edges, square corners, icons designed for HDTV resolutions…. did none of these developers ever see win98? Ugly.

  7. Mat Lemmings says:

    @MrDadCooks – ouch! Hope your wife gets to the root (pun intended) of the issue quickly and in as pain free a way as possible.

    And yes, Firefox Quantum is fast. I’ve been back on Safari (as in Apple’s browser, not watching Elephants take a dump) since the new version came out with OS/X High Sierra but Firefox is definitely quicker. Good link here for everything to make it usable – https://medium.com/the-mission/9-must-have-extensions-to-get-you-started-with-the-new-firefox-quantum-ffe2b0e4ad8e

  8. Miles_Teg says:

    nick wrote:

    “Yes, if you were doing something naughty or ill advised, the updated thumbnail could have exposed you…”

    Okay, I admit it. I recently Googled ‘Steve Furlong sheep sex’. Not only were the images hard to get out of my mind, but the thumbnail is a permanent reminder… 🙁

  9. lynn says:

    “Ex-Microsoft Product Manager reveals the unsurprising reason for the company’s decline”

    “One of our biggest complaints with Microsoft in recent years has been their tendency to persistently start over, generally leaving users and developers stranded on newly created dead ends such as Windows Phone 7 or Silverlight.”

  10. Ray Thompson says:

    I recently Googled ‘Steve Furlong sheep sex

    For a moment I read “I recently Googled ‘Steve Furlong cheap sex”. Not for the faint of heart.

  11. nick flandrey says:

    Ewe, gross!


  12. Greg Norton says:

    “One of our biggest complaints with Microsoft in recent years has been their tendency to persistently start over, generally leaving users and developers stranded on newly created dead ends such as Windows Phone 7 or Silverlight.”

    dot Net’s days are numbered.

  13. SteveF says:

    Whatever you do, don’t search for “miles_teg scheiß sex”.

  14. JimL says:

    Yeah – when I found that I needed 3 DIFFERENT versions of .Net installed, I thought it couldn’t be good. Frankly, it scares the snot out of me.

    Back when, you could run 16 or 32 bits on Win32, and you could run 32 or 64 bits on 64. Now I have a hard time getting the 64-bit software running on a 64 bit machine just because it depends on a specific version of .net that doesn’t want to run on this PARTICULAR version of Windows server.

    Bah – I’d say they deserve what they get, but that will leave thousands of us out here, holding the bag for Microsoft’s idiocy.

    Dr. Pournelle spent the time to write an entire column on the environment and what drove it. It was a good read. If I can find the link, I’ll post. Much better written than most of the articles on the subject.

  15. SteveF says:

    “What drove it” was Microsoft’s sleazy business practices, institutional dishonesty, and childish tantrums.

    Microsoft had implemented an “embraced and extended” version of Java, didn’t get it certified by Sun, called it Java in violation of Sun’s trademark, and got slapped down. Rather than build a non-extended version which could pass certification, Microsoft built their own Java-like VM, language, and basic library.

  16. Amy says:

    Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and Bob (and Colin).

  17. SteveF says:

    Some here have complained bitterly about off-shored help lines. No matter how bad you think you’ve had it, it does get worse.

    Once you have cleared all the lower level of support drones, prepare to encounter the final boss.

  18. nick flandrey says:

    Boss level! But after you defeat the boss level, you advance to the next stage of the game. n

  19. JimL says:

    The idea is good – build a framework on which to run your software, and allow it to run on multiple platforms.

    Back in the day (OS/2), IBM and MS were working on multiple versions that would run on x86, PA-RISC, PPC, and others. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but I was wrong. It would have required every program to be recompiled for every platform. (Or so I understood).

    .Net offered to solve that problem – a single compilation to run on any platform. I liked the idea a lot. A program could be compiled once and run on any supported platform. But then they did two things:
    1. They broke compatibility with older software.
    2. They broke compatibility with older versions of .Net.
    #1 could be forgiven, once.
    #2 is unforgivable.

    And we are (I am) going to pay the price for that.

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