Day: November 9, 2017

Thur, Nov 9, Nick posting….

Today dawned cool and dreary, low 50s and overcast, after a night of misty drizzle. I scratched my dog’s ears and belly, which always makes me feel better.

I hope everything is proceeding normally for our host, Barbara, and OFD. Once again, our prayers and best wishes to you.


On another note entirely, I’m pretty sure hell has another inmate today, as Florida State Prison has one less.

“Double-murderer is cursed by victim’s relative who waves ‘bye, bye’ as he is executed after a last meal”

I have a personal connection to this crime and this murdering scumbag and his accomplices. For 26 years the ripples from his crime have affected loved ones, who I hope can get some peace now.

I don’t understand the DM’s love affair with last meals, and I can only hope that everything they gave this scumbag was off in some way- burned, undercooked, salty, cold, whatever. No way should he get anything that he asked for. He already got 26 years more life than his victims, and the one thing their families want the most can’t be given to THEM.


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