Day: November 21, 2017

Tuesday November 21, 2017

It was 40 degrees when I took Colin out at 7:20, partly cloudy and a little breezy.

The doctors removed the heart pump yesterday afternoon. I was allowed in to see in very briefly when they returned him to ICU after the procedure since it was after ICU visiting hours. The side of his heart that was working at 29% is now up to 40% working on its own.I spoke with Dr.Lee while I was in ICU and he is very pleased.

This morning the nurses said he is still sluggish but could tell them his name and date of birth. He had a good night and was calm this morning. The nurses told me much of his agitation and confusion can be from the pump. He is too weak to cough up the stuff from his lungs so they are not feeding him by mouth as yet but he allowed them to put the tube down his nose so they can get some nutrition in him.

Another big plus is they are removing the big IV in his neck to a picc line to make him more comfortable. My dad had those several times and it will make things better without the big heavy IV in his neck. They will keep him in ICU, which I agree with, because they can better handle the little things going on until he is stronger and perhaps able to eat orally. That team is taking great care of him.

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