Monday November 20, 2017

It was 24 degrees, sunny, and calm when I took Colin out at 7:30.

I just spoke with Bob’s nurse. The plan is to take the pump out sometime this afternoon. This is great news. If he does well after the pump comes out they will be able to move him to a regular room in a few days. He is not doing well mentally in ICU but the nurse told me yesterday when I stopped in to see him that this is a common occurrence for patients who have been in ICU for awhile.

Sunday November 19, 2017

It was 32 degrees, windy, and partly sunny when I took Colin out at 7:30.

Just spoke with Bob’s nurse. He is not being very responsive to questions this morning but Brittany said he may be tired or just tired of being in there. I imagine it’s the latter. But medically speaking he is doing great. They continue to try to dial back the pump and he is on very little medication for pain.

I did not go down yesterday but stayed in Sparta to do things here and take a day off from the drive back and forth.

Friday November 17, 2017

It was 32 degrees and sunny when I took Colin out at 7:15.

I was down to see Bob yesterday afternoon. He was still in the reclining chair. He knew who I was but is still suffering from a lot of confusion. His nurse was very pleased with his progress. His oxygen was on 2% and he was on a low dose of pain medication and of course medication for his heart.

I have just finished talking with his nurse. He is still having some confusion but reoriented himself after Josh talked with him about things. The doctor dialed back the heart pump one number from 7 to 6 and they removed one chest tube. Otherwise, all his numbers look good and are stable.

Wed, Nov 15, Still Nick….

Message from Barbara,
I returned home this morning and sent Al back home to
Bob was in surgery for about 6 hours. They did install the Impella repaired the valve, and did several artery bypasses. I was allowed in ICU very briefly to see him at 4pm. Frances and I left the hospital for her house and to grab some dinner.
Dr. Lee called around 5:40 to say they needed to take him back to the OR to clear some blood clots. He was there until about 9pm. Last night things were very critical but thankfully did not get a call in the night. We were back at the hospital at 8:30. The nurse said he had turned the corner early this morning and was doing better but is still critical. They may try to take him off the breathing tube later today. The pump is working.


=================== end of Barbara’s message ================

It’s the start of what looks like another beautiful fall day here in Houston, and I fervently hope a great day in Winston, with Robert beginning his recovery from a successful surgery…

Still in our thoughts and prayers…


Tues, Nov 14, Nick again….

Update —  I guess I cross posted with Barbara, please see her post.




Based on Barbara’s last post, I’m guessing both she and Bob will be busy this am, so I’ll get things started.

From her last update on Sunday:

“Things with Bob are one step forward to two steps back. Last night things were looking rather grim with the doctors deciding it was too much of a risk to him surviving the bypass to try to do it.

I talked with him this morning. The plan as of now, which could change at any time, is to put in the cath pump tomorrow and do a procedure on Tuesday. Not sure if it will be bypass or stint. ”


Whatever the situation is today, our continued hopes and prayers are with you, for what good they do (and they certainly can’t hurt.)


Sunday November 12, 2017

Message from Barbara,

It as 30 degrees outside at 7:15 when I took Colin out.

Bob may not have the bypass on Monday. The doctors are not sure his heart can withstand the procedure. We will hopefully know more today.
He said to mention that since he does not have a laptop at the hospital it makes it hard to type responses to messages on his Fire but he is reading them.