Wednesday November 22, 2017

It was 40 degrees, sunny, and breezy when I had Colin out at 7am.

I was down to see Bob yesterday afternoon. We did exchange a few words but for the most part he was groggy and not very talkative.
I just spoke with Josh. He was up most of the night. He pulled out two of his feeding tubes I think.
The doctor changed one of his medications and they fixed the tubes so he can’t pull them out. The doctor has ruled out a stroke for the cause of the mental issues. Medically he is doing good though he has some congestion in his chest he is still not coughing up so they want to keep him in ICU.

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  1. Thanks Barbara. Bob’s reactions are very typical so don’t be overly concerned. It sounds like the medical staff is reacting appropriately.

    I know how frustrated Bob is being cooped-up in the hospital, seeming like it will never end. This is an entirely new experience for him and he is not in-control, very hard for an in-control person. He needs to refocus his perspective to see that he really is in-control.

    Hopes and prayers for all.

  2. The doctor has ruled out a stroke for the cause of the mental issues

    I would probably be reacting the same way. In his situation you are no longer in control, people sticking needles and tubes in you, making you do things you don’t want to do, having strange people wiping you down with a sponge, confined to a very limited environment, noises all through the night, things glowing and beeping in your room, not a pleasant situation.

    RBT has very much been in control all his life and to suddenly have that taken away must have him in a very pissed off state. Going from what he thought was a healthy state to a state of severe medical issues has to be a major shock to the mental attitude.

    I would probably be pissed off at the entire world.

  3. I’m guessing, based on personality and IQ, and other similar people I know, that Bob won’t be a ‘good patient.’

    But that is his job for now, and he needs to embrace the job and do well at it. He didn’t choose it, but he must accept it and learn to be a good patient. He won’t want to, but that’s gonna be part of your job :-/

    Continued well wishes and prayers, with plenty to be thankful for…


  4. With the long weekend and holiday upon us, it struck me that we have usually had RBT pass along someone’s preparedness plans by now.

    SO… if you are running a preparedness exercise this holiday, and would like to share either the plans or the results, but normally would do so thru RBT and Email, I’m offering to post for you.

    If you wouldn’t like to comment directly, you can email me at my last name at aol . com and I’ll edit/redact/repost as directed. If you are normally referred to here by your pseudonym, please give me clear directions!



  5. SO… if you are running a preparedness exercise this holiday, and would like to share either the plans or the results, but normally would do so thru RBT and Email, I’m offering to post for you.

    No plans, but I wanted to share the prepper interest observation that Chef Boyardee Ravioli cans reappeared in our local (North Austin) Sam’s Club last week. The cans had been absent at our store since before hurricane season began, but other Sam’s had them.

    I wondered if priority went to Coastal Texas.

  6. No preparedness plans here, but one of my neighbors in the next town over is trying to recruit volunteers to help out at the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth tomorrow.

    From his posting:

    “Since 1970, Native Americans and our supporters have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. Thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of Native people, the theft of Native lands, and the relentless assault on Native culture. Participants in National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience.”

    The guy’s white, in his sixties and lives in a 600K house.

    What’s wrong with these people? They’re never happy unless they’re raining on someone else’s parade. Sure bad things were done to the Indians, but it was hundreds of years ago and none of us had anything to do with it. Conquering and displacing others has happened throughout history. It may not be right, but it’s the way the world works.

    If he really wanted to signal his commitment to the cause, he could start by selling his house and donating it to the native peoples to make up of the theft of Native lands.

  7. WRT Indians: The Indians need to acknowledge their history of genocide and destruction of the earth (they burned forest and farmed an area until the land was depleted). Indians were constantly at war with with other Tribes. They took the women as slaves, killed the men, and counted coup. There are even some accounts of cannibalism.

    The “Noble Red Man” is a myth. The Indians were just as savage as everyone else.

    Yes, we did terrible things to the Indians. But that was they way it was and really still is. The human race is in a constant battle for self dominance.

  8. The Indians were just as savage as everyone else.

    And had progressed to little more than sticks and stones. While “their conquerors” had proceeded to be able to manipulate metal, navigate long distances, build large watercraft, created glass, weaving machines, and various other devices to make life easier. Their lives are much better having been conquered. If not, they would still be a third world hoard.

  9. I’ll be assembling a green bean casserole out of the day to day pantry. Probably past expiration, too. That will conclude the preparedness exercise.

    I will be thankful that getting to friends’ house for the feast 20 miles away should present no problem. I’m also going to indulge in first world luxury and pick up a pre-ordered dessert pie (French silk, yum, yum!) on the way. Enjoy these times while we can.

    Still thinking good thoughts for RBT, OFD and their families stuck in institutional durance vile. Better tomorrows!

  10. There are even some accounts of cannibalism.

    Some? It was practically universal, at least in times of hardship. Which came with some regularity for subsistence farmers and hunter-gatherers who never managed to invent the wheel or discover metal and who exterminated most of the large animals which could have been domesticated.

  11. I’ll be assembling a green bean casserole out of the day to day pantry. Probably past expiration, too. That will conclude the preparedness exercise.

    lol! That’s my kind of preparedness exercise.

  12. The turkey is in “final thaw”, that’s a sink of warm water. It goes in the oven tonight. Scrubbed, rubbed with butter and salt and peppered in and out. The turkey, not the oven. A large onion, quartered, tossed inside, four or five heads of garlic, Sorta smushed, semi peeled, also tossed inside. Maybe some thyme because I like it.

    Wrap the bird in heavy duty foil. Fold the seams to seal. Do it again, with the foil going the other direction because the plan here is to totally seal this bird. Repeat a few times, vary the angle, seven layers works well. Then into the oven. Set the timer for 2 hours. Set the temp to 450, 475…. Go to bed. Wake up around 2am and smell the turkey!!!

    And leave the oven closed. Come about 10 AM or so, after breakfast and with a Bloody Mary, get the bird out of the oven and carefully open the layers of foil. Steamy hot, and all that.

    The leg bones should come out with a gentle twist. Toss them into the stock pot. Add the the icky looking parts (like knee caps) to the stock pot. Yeah, giblets, too. And the well cooked onion and garlic. Make stock.

    Take the bird apart. Bones into the stock pot. Iffy meat stuff into a bowl for the dogs.

    Tupperware-ish containers are good. Try to put most of the turkey into the Tupperware or you won’t have room for dressing and gravy later.

  13. they’d be dying off periodically in great waves, and certainly wouldn’t be running call centers…..


  14. dying off periodically in great waves

    A simple, single hand wave, two handed wave, a parade wave, or just a flick of the wrist?

    Yeh, I am being an asshole.

  15. Good news WRT Bob; matter of time till escape for him and back to normalcy.’

    Hopes and prayers continuing, nevertheless.

    Same daily PT and OT schedule for me tomorrow on T-Day, no let-up, no slack, except on Sundays. And today I had my third ambulance ride for my fifth MRI in a month, this one for my upper neck vertebrae, due to decreasing strength on that side now. Will know more when docs examine the images. Could mean more surgery and rehab. Maybe even picking out shrapnel fragments. And of course I had that hard fall a month ago down at the VA and after that, the right and left arm weakness kicked in; impacted my head and right shoulder pretty hard and fast. Wife is looking into legal issues with it.

    Advised her also that the main priority at home right now is getting our contractor guys to build us a new back stairs structure like they did for GG. They could also do the inside stair double railings and grab bars. VA papers nearly finished toward a grant from them to rip out our tub and install a walk-in shower with bench seat, grab bars, etc. How much can be done in the next three weeks over a holiday season is very iffy, so I may be sleeping in the recliner by the fire, with my urinal, portable commode, and daily sponge baths from the wallyhogs next door. KIDDING! Maybe a couple of the young MILFs on staff at the town hall, on their lunch breaks….

    WRT T-Day; this place is putting on a spread and we can bring a guest, but I’ll be wasted from a full PT/OT workout schedule and don’t like crowds or noise. So wife is bringing over a box lunch from the feast her cousins put on and we’ll hang out and watch some football. Assuming weather or the faltering furnace or another flat tire or her getting hurt again doesn’t happen.

    And I could end up here through Xmas.

    Pax vobiscum, fratres….semper paratus….tempus fugit irreparabile…

  16. daily sponge baths from the wallyhogs next door.

    No no, you don’t want sponge baths from the wallyhogs.

    You want tongue baths from the wallyhogs.

    Have a pleasant night … if you can get to sleep with that image in your mind.

  17. And hope you feel better soon, with continued improvement….

    wallyhog tongue baths– I’m picturing the scene in Star Wars with Jabba and leia, and the tongue….

    And I’m glad my dinner is well settled.

    ‘nite all.


  18. I’ve always found the reverence for the native North American tribes a bit silly. Yes, the Europeans warred on them, drove them from their lands, etc. – which is pretty much the story of human history everywhere. Why are they romanticized, and not every other group that was overrun in human history?

    Best I can see is that it’s a chance for anyone with a fraction of a fraction of tribal blood to do some LARPing. Sort of like the SCA, where people play the Middle Ages “as they should have been” (heck, I did that to, for a long while). The think is, the people romanticizing the tribes genuinely believe that they were “noble savages”, even when the evidence is pretty clear that they were mostly just savages, in the Hobbesian sense.

    Today’s situation is just a mess. Much like urban blacks have been destroyed by the well-intentioned welfare state, the tribes have been suckered by the reservation system. The best thing that could happen to them, long-term, would be to dissolve the reservations. Of course, collective guilt + progressive politics + corrupt tribal elders won’t let that happen.

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