Day: November 15, 2017

Wed, Nov 15, Still Nick….

Message from Barbara,
I returned home this morning and sent Al back home to
Bob was in surgery for about 6 hours. They did install the Impella repaired the valve, and did several artery bypasses. I was allowed in ICU very briefly to see him at 4pm. Frances and I left the hospital for her house and to grab some dinner.
Dr. Lee called around 5:40 to say they needed to take him back to the OR to clear some blood clots. He was there until about 9pm. Last night things were very critical but thankfully did not get a call in the night. We were back at the hospital at 8:30. The nurse said he had turned the corner early this morning and was doing better but is still critical. They may try to take him off the breathing tube later today. The pump is working.


=================== end of Barbara’s message ================

It’s the start of what looks like another beautiful fall day here in Houston, and I fervently hope a great day in Winston, with Robert beginning his recovery from a successful surgery…

Still in our thoughts and prayers…


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