Thursday November 23, 2017

It was 24 degrees with a heavy frost and sunny when I took Colin out at 7:15.
I went down to Bob for the usual 2pm visit. The did fail the swallowing test but they are going to try again on Monday. I thought he was a little better mentally than he was the day before.
I just spoke with his nurse. He was up most of the night but was not overly agitated so was sleeping when I called. They have put in the transfer orders to move him to a bed up on a floor. I am hoping that will help move along his recovery and I can see him at more normal hours. It may be today or tomorrow depending on when they can get a bed.

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  1. It’s good news that they’re moving him. I was hoping to hear that he passed the swallowing test and could get something resembling Thanksgiving dinner. Slow but steady progress is good.

  2. Did the doc offer him pecan pie? I have just been informed that “Lima beans and ham” is a side dish today – I will fail that swallowing test myself!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. I reckon it’s Thanksgiving over in the USA – have a happy holiday, everyone!

    Not a holiday here, but we’re getting homemade pesto tonight – yum!

  4. Me too.

    Sounds like progress Barbara, however slow it seems.

    Thankful for friends and family today, enough to eat, and [temporary] peace on earth [at least the parts I care about.]


  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Head over to Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor for a blast from the past:

    Thanks “TheWebGuy” for bringing back that post. I appreciated it, I hope others do too.

    Barbara, I am puzzled by the hospital’s visitor policy. Around here a family member may be in an ICU room at any time, 24/7. Even when moved “up” a family member has access 24/7.

  6. Turkey and ham are in the smoker, pecan smoke is flowing. Bigger bird than I need, according to everyone EXCEPT some random old lady I asked while buying it at Costco. I thought old ladies were supposed to know things like that?? Guess I’m just a pc recidivist.

    French meat pie for breakfast, french meat stuffing with the meal….


  7. My best wishes to the Thompsons and to all the rest who post and read here. Have a great holiday.

    My father had heart surgery to repair a mitral valve back in March. For the first couple of weeks we began to wonder if it should have been done at all since recovery progress seemed so slow. We even had a trip back to the ER on Easter weekend.**

    Soon it became clear that the recovery curve was exponential; very slow at first but then improvement by leaps and bounds. Dad is back to his long hikes in the woods, playing golf and doing everything he used to do with renewed vigor. Surgery to the heart is a huge insult to the body and the body takes time to recover, but recover it does.

    **Took Dad and Mom to the ER at Boston Medical Center since that was where he had the surgery. Dad was taken in right away and only one person could go with him so that was Mom. I spent all Saturday afternoon into the night in the ER waiting room trying to stay out of the way of the drunken brawlers, drug addicts, accident victims, and very ill people. Big city hospital on Saturday night is no place for this small town white boy.

  8. “no place for this small town white boy.”

    No place for anyone other than the drug seekers to be on purpose, but when it’s needful…

    These are the good old days.


  9. Best wishes to all!

    Sister from Sacramento visiting me and now she, my daughter, SIL and two grandchildren down to our niece and nephew in San Clemente for the day. Actually, niece and nephew are vegans, but they do roast a turkey for the rest of us.

  10. Al said:

    “Agree whole wholeheartedly with SteveF. She still thinks it’s possible, but now even the Demoncrats appear to have turned on her.”

    I wonder if Soros still backs her?

  11. CS wrote:

    “Actually, niece and nephew are vegans…”

    We don’t have t/g here, a pity in a way as it sounds delish. To each their own, but I couldn’t comprehend life without meat.

  12. Hmmmm…. smoked turkey is ready. Only 4 hours EARLY but what the hey.

    I guess using a bit higher heat really does change the cook time. Wish there was a chart… or that I didn’t get up at 6am to start the damnable thing.

    Ham does look good and is about one hour away from done. First time with the ‘cure’ as a brine. Did smoke one last year and it was delicious, but not really “hammy”. We’ll see how this turns out.


    added- did the math wrong on my bread machine, and realized I wasn’t gonna get the second loaf baked in time. Thought for a sec, then said “why don’t I just get out the backup bread machine?” A slight dust off, and we’re good to go. Dueling bread machines! And a prepper WIN!

  13. First time with the ‘cure’ as a brine.

    When the ham comes out, you can sing “Just Like Heaven”. Or “Torture” if something went wrong.

    realized I wasn’t gonna get the second loaf baked in time

    If you were going to be an hour short and you hadn’t had the second machine, you could have started the second batch on Dough cycle and then made cloverleaf or hamburger rolls — takes about two hours rather than three for a loaf. There might also be a Quick Loaf cycle which takes about an hour start to finish, but I don’t like how those come out.

  14. We don’t have t/g here, a pity in a way as it sounds delish.

    If you ever find yourself near where I am, let me know and I can roast a turkey and fixin’s. Doesn’t have to be late November; I make turkeys any time of the year except the height of summer.

  15. Fought the battle of Baker’s Square to pick up my pie. 100 relaxed folks ahead of me when I got there, 100 behind me as I left ~50 minutes later. Not bad. Jazzed up casserole baking and nearly ready to come out. Then pack it up and head over to the Main Event. 🙂

    Happy holiday to all, especially those hospital guys and their families!

  16. Life is short but the years are long. I have already answered two customer emails in New Zealand and Canada today. Having an international business means no rest for the wicked.

  17. SteveF wrote:

    “If you ever find yourself near where I am, let me know and I can roast a turkey and fixin’s.”

    Thank you for your kind offer. I don’t know when I will be in the US next (last time was 2003) but I’ll keep it in mind. I won’t even mention the first thing I thought, that virgin lamb would be your speciality… 🙂

  18. We don’t have t/g here, a pity in a way as it sounds delish. To each their own, but I couldn’t comprehend life without meat.

    Even the Canadians have Thanksgiving in October. Don’t you have an end of the harvest celebration in April or May ?

  19. But we are getting more and more Black Friday

    I have been searching through some Black Friday ads from various stores. When I find something I like for a good price I then check Amazon. In all cases I have found that Amazon has the item for the same price including door buster prices. I don’t have to deal with crowds, driving to the store and get free shipping. Even Best Buy has the same items on sale on their website and no shipping charges.

    Why the hell would anyone want to deal with those crowds and the madness is beyond me when you can shop from your desktop and have the stuff delivered to your house. In some cases, such as stuff I ordered from B&H I don’t even have to pay sales tax.

    I do have to wait a week or two for delivery but that is not a big deal as the items are Christmas presents.

  20. Today I am thankful that
    Hillary Clinton will never be President.

    Mr. SteveF for President!

    SteveF 2020!

  21. Turkey was good, moist and delicious dark meat, almost moist and smokey white meat.

    Home cured and smoked ham looked great, and the thin slice I stole off the small end was absolutely delicious. Meat was a dark almost purple. Texture was very firm. Vac sealed and frozen for later…

    5 pies. Vanilla Blue Bell icecream. Whipped cream. Swollen belly, but big smile.

    Good day shared with family and friends.

    I hope all here had a chance for as good a day, and for those who need a bit extra, my best wishes and prayers.


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