Month: March 2021

Sun. Mar. 21, 2021 – hoping to get some stuff done.

Supposed to be cool and clear again today.  Chamber of Commerce weather yesterday.   Beautiful day to be out and about.

Returned the visiting child to her family, fed and undamaged.   Kid eats a lot for a skinny girl!   Did my errands.  Spent some time going through stuff at my secondary.  Came home.  Ate.  Wasted time on the internet with my friends.  Put the kids to bed.  Currently reading The Thread that Binds the Bones- Nina Kirriki Hoffman, with the 11 yo, and Restaurant at the End of the Universe- Douglas Adams, with the 9yo.  The 9yo was howling with laughter at tonight’s  chapter.  Even if a whole bunch goes over her head, there is enough slapstick to keep her laughing.

It’s fun to share the books.   I don’t know when they’ll stop wanting to read together at bed time, but I’m not looking forward to that day.

The school year has been very strange.  We’d gotten in the rhythm and busy-ness of school pre-corona.   There are always events, meetings, sports, coming and going.  Not so much this year.   Add in all the times we’ve been off school and it’s a completely different feeling.  Having the kids home seems normal, and when they are at school feels like the exception.   I like it.

There’s a lot of wailing and lamenting about the kids not learning anything this year.   I got news for people.   They don’t learn it in a regular year either.  You just don’t see it when it’s all taking place elsewhere, and they get passed from one test to the next.  Jerry Pournelle used to talk about it fairly frequently, and even his experiences were out of date.   The top kids will learn in spite of school.  The middle kids will learn to repeat back what the school tells them, and the lower kids will do neither.

At least with solid reading skills they can self educate when they finally get it.

With that cheery thought, I better start doing some actual stuff today.  Make hay while the sun shines and all that.

In the absence of orders, keep stacking.




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Sat. Mar. 20, 2021 – no rest for the wicked

Sunny, clear, and cool again.  Boy it was nice yesterday, if a bit on the cool side.  50s and 60s and even 70s are great with the clear sky and sun.

I did my pickups then hurried home to meet with the electrician.   He took a look at what I had and he’ll be getting back to us with a price for the install.   One unfortunate discovery, I misread the data plate all those years ago.   The capacity of the gennie is 1/2 of what I thought, so while it is more than my portables, and runs on natgas, and is liquid cooled, it won’t run as much of the house as I’d like.  It will do, and we’ll continue with the install, but it was disappointing.   (in almost every case, when a plate says 240v and 100A, that is 100A for each leg of the 240v.  Not in this case.   They are calling out 100A ACROSS both legs, or 50A per leg.  It’s a beast of a machine to only have that capacity.  Very strange. )

Today I’ve got to do my pickups, then head over to my secondary and do some more cleaning and throwing out.  It’s past time that I was able to move a bunch of stuff there, and I need to get back onto that task.

On the national scene, President Biden stumbled and fell three times while climbing the stairs to Airforce One.  The video looks bad.  I know Presidents have stumbled on the steps before.   There is very little you can do to make it look good.  But holy cow it looked bad.   Add that to some sort of shenanigans involving digital additions to footage, and it hasn’t been a great week for Biden the weak.  Also consider last week or the week before when his strongest allies, and the people who presumably know him best, moved to take away his ability to make war, and he seemed ok with that.

Watch the videos, what few there are, and note that he’s got a ‘minder’ just a few steps away in every shot.  It’s his VP in far more shots than any other President I can recall.  Usually, the VP was a compromise and the POTUS keeps them much further than arm’s length away.  It’s all very strange.

I might have to try and retcon my prediction that he wouldn’t make it TO March into ‘he wouldn’t make it THROUGH March’…

He’s famous for his gaffes (and what a qualification for POTUS!) but still… he’s referred to his VP as “President” Harris at least twice on camera.  He even tossed off the comment that if they disagreed on policy, he’d ‘fake an illness and retire’.  I watched that video with my own eyes.

Now he’s picking a fight with Putin?  Putin, who issued some VERY specific and odd statements about Biden’s health, and who challenged Biden to a live debate, but it had to be ‘live with no delays and soon’.

Things are getting weird folks, seriously weird.  When I don’t know what’s going on, I tend toward an over abundance of caution.   And in this case that makes me want to double my food storage.  And buy guns.  Lots of guns and ammo.  Repair kits.  Spare parts.  Accessories.  Water treatment and filters.  Meds.  Wound care supplies.   Canning jars and seeds.  Boots.  All sorts of things.

Stack all the things!

Stay frosty.


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Fri. Mar. 19, 2021 – Friday already? Week zipped by…

Cool to cold, clear, sunny.  Yesterday was blue sky, sunny, and yet cool and windy.  A great day to dry things out.  I’m hoping for more of the same and that is what the national forecast calls for.   It’d be nice if they were right.

Yesterday was another low achievement day.  Household stuff.   Groceries.   Messing around in the office.   Kids were home and wife was at the office, so I was parent in charge.  That means poking them to eat, dress, go outside, etc. instead of just playing Minecraft.   I thought about it today, and thought, if that’s really how they want to spend Spring Break, then let them enjoy the time.  They have other days when they knock off a whole book, or spend several hours playing with toys in their rooms.

Another reason for me to take it easy is I tweaked something in my knee.  I felt it tear, and it hurts for certain motions.  I’m going to be really careful for the next  few days.  I don’t think it was very bad, there isn’t any bruising or constant pain, but I know I did something.   This getting older is a b!tch.  Although, truth be told, I’ve been tearing up my knees most of my life.  This is  nothing new.

I didn’t buy any red meat or pork this grocery order.   The only thing reasonable was sirloin and I’m full up on that.  When I’m ordering I have costco open in one tab, and HEB in another, and I compare between them.   Costco was REALLY cheaper on a bunch of items this week.   Kings Hawaiian rolls, english muffins, choice ribeye steaks, all almost 25% lower than HEB and HEB has the lowest prices of our major groceries.  The bread was almost 40% lower at Costco.  HEB was cheaper for chicken drums and thighs, but only by pennies and I like the Costco vac pack better than repacking it myself, so Costco won on chicken too.  Prices on meat have been all over the place for the last year.  I don’t know if that means anything other than supply issues, but it’s been difficult to budget.  The freezers let me buy in bulk when it’s cheap and wait out the higher prices though, saving me money in the long run.

I’ve got an electrician coming by this afternoon to look at hooking up the whole house gennie.   Turns out he’s a guy I know, one of the dads  from the pool.  I think of him as a solar power guy, so I didn’t even consider calling him about the gennie.   Good thing I’ve got a smart wife 😉  I don’t know if he’ll be up for the job, he usually works for other companies, but he can answer some questions for me, and give me a better idea of the scope and cost involved.

It would be great to get it installed and running.  I have a feeling that if things proceed as they have in the past, we can expect services to degrade in quality.  Water, electricity, trash collection, policing, and general public works like graffiti removal and debris pickup should all decline.  I believe I’m already seeing more illegal dumping, more graffiti, and more roadside infrastructure damage than before.  It’s taking longer to fix issues, and the fixes are often just to remove the broken stuff without replacing it.  I’m seeing more vacant commercial and retail real estate too.

Before I meet with the electrician,  I’ve got errands to run and pickups to do.   At one auction I got a couple of nice high dollar items to resell, that should move quickly, the other was stuff for the house and eventual lake house.   I realized that I’m buying more and more of my total outlay in the secondary market.  I’m not spending any significant money in stores or with the big online sellers (other than food and grocery store items.)  We didn’t do any real back to school shopping either, nor have we done clothes shopping for the girls.   My wife isn’t buying clothes, haircuts, or shoes because she hasn’t been in to the office much.  If even a fraction of other households are like ours, it doesn’t bode well for an economy built on consumer spending.

That said, I’m still spending money.  Just not as much as I might, and not in the places other people do.

Consider what it might mean if other households are making the same changes you are making.  We are rarely so smart, prescient, or unique as we think, others will be doing whatever we are doing.   If it becomes a trend, what will that affect in the bigger world?

With that in mind, what do you need to be stacking?  Get you some of that, and stack it high.




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Thur. Mar. 18, 2021 – whew, missed the green beer again…and all the puking

Comfortable, sunny, breezy, and nice.  That’s what I’m hoping for, we’ll see what we get.  We had all the kinds of weather yesterday.  Overcast, thunderstorms, drizzle, sunshine, wind and rain.  We even had a few minutes of ‘very nice.’   Today, the national forecast has Houston in the clear.

Didn’t get a whole heck of a lot done yesterday, that couldn’t have been done more efficiently and more quickly by someone who was motivated.  Keeping my motivation up, and keeping moving forward is harder some days than others.  But Summer is Coming, and with it the most common threat around these parts- hurricanes.  Also on the way are un- somethingly hot and humid days.   I’ve got a limited time to do a bunch of stuff that is SO MUCH easier when it’s not in the 90s for both heat and humidity.

I feel a bit like I’m going through one of those periods like RBT did when he kept posting that he probably wouldn’t be posting  much, but then he posted more.  I keep saying the same thing every day- “I’ve got so much to do” but then I don’t do it….   grrrr.  External deadlines… I need them.

I built three or four careers around meeting externally imposed deadlines.  It’s in my blood.   Internally imposed?  Not so much.  I’ve never been good at that.  My 10 year plan took me 15 years.   I did eventually accomplish it all, but it was both simple and complicated.   Get my finances in order.  Find a good woman and marry her.   Buy a house.  Start a family.    Simple right?  15 years to get there from where I started.

Live through whatever is coming and get my family through it, doesn’t have the same concreteness, and yet it’s an arguably simpler goal.  After all, it’s mostly just “continue living”.  And how hard can that be?  Weeeeelllllll, that depends, doesn’t it?  And it strikes right to the heart of a preparedness lifestyle.

“Live through” – but implied is not just survive, but do it with style, without drama, with simplicity and grace.  Succeed, not just endure.  Coming out the other end as a starving refugee is better than not coming out, but far from the ideal of being in a position to thrive when things get better.

“Whatever is coming”- bad things are ALWAYS coming.  Good things too and sometimes people forget to prep for them, but mostly we prep for the bad things and figure the good things will work themselves out.  Hurricanes and floods are the most likely natural disasters here.  But personal bad things- job loss, accidents, illnesses, death of a loved one- are the most common disasters everyone faces and if you aren’t prepping for them, you should be.

What other bad things are coming?

–Global pandemic was on the list but not top ten.  Ebola convinced me to take the possibility seriously and to prep for it ‘for realz’.  H/T to Aesop for that.  And HEY LOOKIE!  Global pandemic is here.  I’m in restocking mode, but I could still be comfortably pulling TP from stock after a year, and that’s with three females in the household.  How much is too much vs now you have none?  You will have to find your own balance, but I’m usually on the side of ‘more’.

–Slow economic collapse, worldwide depression.   RBT changed my mind about this, and changed my planning horizon.  Now I think we’re already started on this one.   It’s harder to prep for because the length of time involved is so great, and because the number one prep – piles of money – doesn’t work so well with the most likely cause, ie. hyperinflation.  There are steps you can take and preps you can make though.  Unless you like the taste of domestic animals and the local fauna, food is your best prep.  Putting your stored up life energy (ie. the product of your work) in something that will survive a currency collapse is a good idea too.  If you can’t get your stored up life (money) somewhere safe , or if you haven’t managed to store much up, you need to look for ways to use what remains  to continue working through a collapse.  Rental income streams were my go-to plan for that, but I didn’t factor in a government that would steal from the landlords.   I’m busy rethinking and looking for additional streams.  Skills involving making and repairing are looking pretty good.

–War.  Internal or external.  Both are bad.  Both involve hardship and privation.   Internal would also include economic collapse.  External might involve a currency collapse, or might be triggered by more monetary trickery, or it could pull the economy up out of the dumps.  So many flavors are possible, with contradictory effects.   Very little of it is likely to be good on an individual level though.   Internal war is looking more and more likely every day, with Balkanization being the most likely outcome.   Where you are is going to be VERY important if that happens and your number one prep.

There are other bad things that could be coming, some far more unlikely than others, but not impossible.  First contact with aliens would be a game changer, for example.   It’s also unlikely to go well for us, but most of the things that would be likely to happen get covered by preps for the other biggies.  Room temperature superconductors, fusion energy, radical life extension, those might fall into the ‘good thing’ column but would also be disruptive as heII.  True AI, self aware machines, grey goo, killer plagues, all somewhere on the list of things to consider, and then usually discount.  CME, EMP, space debris impacts, other ‘hand of God’ events, well, we’ll do what we can if something that big happens.  Having preps won’t hurt.

And then there is that last part of my goal- get my family through.  The everyday part of this is just to raise my girls to be competent human beings, and to make sure they have a good foundation for their lives on their own.   The prepping part is a bit more specific, but mainly for me it comes down to skills, attitude, and foundational beliefs.  What I think those should be would fill another few thousand words, and maybe I’ll spend the time to write those words down, but that will have to wait.  Right now, getting my family through means the physical stuff- preps in the traditional sense.   It means making sure we have the basics to survive and thrive in the most likely scenarios, and even some of the much less likely ones.   It means resilience and flexibility and adaptability.  It means stockpiles of stuff, and collections of skills and reference materials.  It means paying attention to possible threats, local and national and global.   It means engaging in the world around us with our minds and eyes open.  And it means planning for what comes next and putting resources in place to support those plans.

And of course it means STACKING.  Start stacking.  Keep stacking.  If you can’t stack stuff, stack knowledge and skills.   Stack people, relationships, networks.  Do it as a hobby.  Do it as a social activity.  Do it with passion, or with calculation and focus.   But Do It.

It’s never too late to start, it’s always too early to quit.


added— welcome to any new readers!  Most of the best part of this place is not me, it’s the people who come together here and the conversation that happens.   Keywords are on the right, and may refer to the comments not the post, so always take a look at the comments.    Comments are always welcome, join the conversation if you like.   There is an astounding breadth and depth of knowledge in the people who come by and visit and hang out.  If you have questions or answers, please feel free.   There is an About link at the top of this page to explain why this place is the way it is.  Again, welcome.

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Wed. Mar. 17, 2021 – these posts were a lot shorter when I wrote them in the morning

Cool and overcast, moving toward warm and rainy.  Yesterday was overcast all day.  Light misty drizzle happened in some places, and heavier drizzle happened in others.  Neither happened in yet others.  Houston isn’t one climate, it’s dozens.

I did get a couple of things accomplished yesterday so it wasn’t a total lazy day, but I wasn’t as productive as I should be.  Time is short, and my list is long.  Kids were home all day and my wife was in the office for work.  I made one pickup and did office stuff.   Some domestic bliss too (restocking various paper products, blowing out the dust bunnies, etc).

I also got out and pruned the citrus trees.   There is some green poking through the bark of some  branches,  so I’m still hopeful.   There is a lot of dead wood though.   I wasn’t aggressive with the pruning and will probably have to do it again when I’m sure the branches aren’t coming back.    While I was working on that side of the house, I got my new blueberry bush planted.  The directions were different from the others.  They called for the roots to be spread out, and then covered with soil.   The last time I planted blueberries, I’m pretty sure that I just planted the whole root ball and soil.  I guess we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Blueberry bushes are budding leaves.  The apple tree is too.    My potted lime and orange have set fruit after flowering in the house during the deep freeze.  Man o man, did that smell nice.  I’m hoping the fruit matures, without getting eaten.  Last year, all the immature fruit disappeared over the course of a night or two.  Very suspicious.  Asparagus is sending up spears.   They are thin and scraggly but if I catch one just right, they are edible.   I planted them years ago in “window boxes” on the fence because I wanted to save the roots, and I didn’t know where I wanted the asparagus bed to be.  They’ve stayed there, sprouting every year, but usually ‘running  away’ and getting ‘ferny’ before I can even snatch a stalk.  The tomatoes and herbs my wife planted seem to be surviving so far, as is the new grape vine.  The old grape vine needs a spring pruning before it starts budding up.

I’ve got onion sets and seeds to get in the ground still.  That should get moving before it’s too late.

On top of everything else, it’s tax time and I’ve got a ton of paperwork to go through before we can file.  None of this is what I want to be doing, btw.   I want to be messing around with radios, building stuff in my shop, and working on my non-prepping hobby.    Playing around with model trains would be fun, and just reading and watching movies wouldn’t be a bad choice either.  But.   I’m a son of Martha now, at least as far as family and daily life.   Not really a burden I can lay down.

So join me on my journey.  Share the attitude if not the burden… and keep stacking.



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Tues. Mar. 16, 2021 – day 367 of my captivity… not my favorite thing

Cool and wet again.  Or still.  But yeah, not awesome out.

Like yesterday, which was overcast for most of the day, with occasional drizzle.  Got the kids off their screens for an hour or so and outside during the only real sunshine of the day.  They spent the rest of the day playing Minecraft, which I continue to insist is just the grinding aspects of other games made into the whole game.   I don’t get it, that’s for sure.

I dragged my feet all day, but did get some stuff sorted, and cleaned up out of my office.  My wife was on the computer working from home all day.  With some people not getting the note about the time change, she was ‘at work’ until about an hour later than normal.   One of the downsides of being able to work anywhere is having to work everywhere.  I think that holds true for ‘any time’ and ‘all the time’, too.  Still, having work is not something to complain about, and she does a good job of managing it.

It seems that several trends in the world at large are coming to a head.

It looks like there is and has been a concerted effort to attack and destroy the institutions, traditions, and beliefs (as well as the history) that used to make up the ‘story of America’ that shaped who we are.

In the 60s the attacks started on government and peoples’ faith in it.  (Whether the government DESERVED the faith of the people is another question, that a system set up on the ‘consent of the governed’ must also have the respect of the governed should be a given.)  Woodward and Bernstein did more to damage the United States than any dirty tricks by Tricky Dick could have.  They spawned two generations of press that were looking for their own ‘Watergate’ moment, and magnified everything to try to fit that mold.   The corrosive and damaging effect of that on the body politic shouldn’t be underestimated.

The sixties started the attacks on the social structure of America too, including one of the most effective, Teddy Kennedy’s changes to immigration policy to shift the emphasis from skilled and semi-skilled european immigrants to illiterate and unskilled immigrants from Latin America and other third world places.

Social engineering policies like “urban renewal”, the creation of the welfare state, and the destruction of the black family and community planted the seeds for the vast underclass we have now, living in continuous poverty and with violence at every turn.

The social shift from a life of restraint, sacrifice, and duty to one of ‘if it feels good do it’ and narcissistic selfishness further destroyed families and social structures (the sexual revolution seems to have mostly resulted in a huge increase in sexually available women, and moreover, a willingness to participate in what, in the past, would have been extreme sexual acts even for professionals.)  At the same time, drug use became prevalent, almost ubiquitous, and over-using drugs was re-defined as a disease that the person was a victim of, not something that was expected to be controlled or punished.

The rise of victimhood and victim classes followed, with social engineering solutions to the ‘problems’ that did nothing to help and did incredible damage to the very people they professed to help.

There are many other examples of institutions attacked and destroyed from within, and of areas where the attacks created problems that the attackers then proposed solutions to, which became the next iteration of the attack.

It doesn’t all come to a head with the Grammys but they did represent just how far the destruction has gone.

The Grammy award performances by two of rap and hip hop music’s ‘finest’, was by all accounts soft core porn, glorifying stripping and prostitution, complete with simulated lesbian sex acts.   (Some discussion and links in yesterday’s comments.)  The song the duo sang has lyrics that I can’t even quote with obfuscation here, the title alone (which Daily Mail coyly calls an “ode to female anatomy”) is titled “Wet A$$ P#$$y.”  The title is the least offensive and obscene phrase in the song, and it’s repeated ad nauseum.    They will likely win a Grammy award for it when they submit it next year.  I’m not a prude, or religious person, but I can recognize behaviour that is unhealthy for a person, and for our society.   The Grammy’s are billed as a musical talent award, the TV show is an ‘extravaganza’ and airs on broadcast TV in prime time.  People don’t have to seek it out.  It comes, unbidden, into their living rooms.

Everywhere you look you see the same things being attacked and damaged.   Trust.  Restraint.  Duty.  Individualism.  Achievement.  Faith.  Hard work.  Moderation.   Tolerance.  Love.  Joy.  What do you see celebrated?  Envy.  Self doubt.  Group identity. Free riding.  Impulsiveness.  Violence.  Lawlessness. Wantonness.  Bragging.  Flaunting.  Entitlement.

America has been fundamentally changed.  It started slowly but is accelerating.

And I don’t like it.  It won’t support the technological world we live in.  Our built environment is already starting to break down, along with our social order.  Our systems are starting to show cracks, along with our communities.  I see a lot more down coming before the trend starts back up, and a lot more misery headed our way.

When the sons of Martha decide they no longer care if the bolt is tight, or stay late to be sure the job gets done right; when they get tired of shedding their blood, to smooth the way and avert the flood; then I’m afraid the lesson we’ll learn, is how easily the people starve, and the cities burn.

You don’t have enough.  Keep stacking.



with apologies.

see also

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Mon. Mar. 15, 2021 – Beware! Beware poets and prognosticators

and the Ides of March….

Cooler and wet.   Probably.  Maybe.  No one really knows.   Yesterday stayed overcast and drizzly all day.  The temp dropped too, down to 58F at one point, although it was 59F when I went to bed.

Slept late, had an hour stolen from my life,* and then worked on my plumbing project in the slowest and more careful way possible.  I’ve set toilets before, but never had the constellation of parts and issues that this one had.  I got it done, no leaks, and last night it did the business without complaint.  It is very quiet, and doesn’t ever evacuate the whole bowl.  Quite different.  Seems to work though.

Then made some dinner and welcomed #2 child home from her sleepover.  Yeah.  I’m hoping we don’t get sick.  Wife decided that child needed to spend some time with a friend for her mental wellness.   Kid was very excited and had a great time.  Hopefully that worked to lighten her mood for a while.

The rain and late start kept me in for the day and definitely limited what I got done.  Still, the toilet project was on the list for a long time and now it looks like that is done-for a while anyway.

Turns out that this week is Spring Break.  Who knew?  Kids are home all week and my wife is back in the office a couple of days.  That limits my range of activities.  On the other hand, I should be able to work projects here at home.  We’ll see 😉

Time to move some other stuff forward, and organize some of the stacks.

This last week gave me a chance to work some skills.   Hands on skills are good.  Infrastructure skills are good.  Repair skills are going to be really good.  Work on some skills this week.

And of course, keep stacking.




*not really, but fun to play with.

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Sun. Mar. 14, 2021 – more plumbing, more stuff to do

Possible rain and mid 70s, but also possibly not.  Houston weather is kinda hard to predict.

Spent yesterday on plumbing and household stuff.  My tale is in the comments last night.   TL:DR I’ve got more to do today to get finished.  Should be about an hour of actual work, or less.  I can do plumbing, if I have the parts.   Same for carpentry, electrical, drywall, paint, roofing, cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, and even carpet although the ‘kicker’ is the demon’s tool.  If I had to, I could probably build a house from the ground up, with the right references for details and some help.  That doesn’t mean I WANT to do any of that though.  Times like this, when plumbers are just not available and there is a problem (even one I created myself), it’s a comfort to feel reasonably confident that I can do what it takes to fix the problem.

After that, if it’s not raining, the plan is to do some gardening.  My neighbor is building some raised beds, and from his offhand remark, it’s because he’s worried about food in the future.   I hope he has better luck than me, then he can help ME!

In general, this cold snap was an eye opener for folks, I think.   We all expect problems during hurricane season, but to have them in winter is unusual.   Everyone wants a generator now.   Even my wife has actually scheduled an electrician to come and quote us for the whole house gennie hook up (this coming Friday).  The few people in Lowe’s last night included a guy buying pipe insulation.   That’s a guy who learned from the cold snap and is DOING something about it.  I think he’s not alone.

And that’s a good thing.  Everyone who is better prepared is someone who isn’t looking to take my stuff, and who has reason to resist calls for ‘redistribution’.

Encourage the newbies.  Help where you can.

Skills, friends, stuff.   Stack them all.


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Sat. Mar. 13, 2021 – Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month….

Today should be mid-80s, sunny, and dry.

Yesterday was beautiful like that, and I didn’t do or think of anything worth writing down.

Today I will work my list.  After sleeping in.   I’m so tired I can’t think straight and I’m falling asleep at stop signs.  So I’ll skip my non-prepping hobby meeting and sleep.

It’s a bit worrisome how tired I was this week…  we’ll see if plain old sleep helps.

Then I can get back to stacking…



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Fri. Mar. 12, 2021 – Just about one year since we shut down

Cool, humid, and possibly rainy.  Yesterday was overcast with scattered drizzle around town.  Nothing at the house though.

I spent the morning looking at trucks online.   One of the reasons I was so ready to jump on that first truck was to avoid the huge time sink of looking and looking and looking.   I did a bit of reading about extended warranties (they aren’t, they are service plans usually) and what they cost.    That first dealership wasn’t out of line with cost or coverage, although the company wasn’t in the top 5 of some random website review…    I’m going to back down the search a notch and do some of the things that are backing up.

Although, if history serves as a guide, I’ll spend today pretty much like I spent yesterday.

Today is pretty much the one year anniversary of the start of the wuflu, china virus, chinky flu, asian asthma, etc. in America.   Funny thing is, the CDC staffers predicted very early on that we’d still be dealing with it at this point, and “possibly for years”.   They actually made a couple of pretty good predictions based on historical data and little else.   Then the politics started and we learned just how vile our ‘public servants’ really are, and how little they think of us as individuals.   Of course, there are plenty of examples of WHY they should think little of individuals.   And there were and are a whole lot of people that have the right to remain silent, but not the ability.

At some point in the next couple of days I’ll take a look at what went well with my planning and prepping, what got missed, and what didn’t work as planned.  It is a dang strange zombie apocalypse when I can go to a thrift store, or order food delivered to my door, but hey, you play the cards you’re dealt.  And, I’ve yet to shoot anyone, but I get daily use of the TP stash…

That could always change.   Make sure you’re planning for the next one, as well as dealing with this one.  Stack stuff.  More stuff.


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