Sat. Dec. 28, 2019 – it pays to have preps

Cold, damp.

Last night I discovered that my daughter had locked us out of my siblings house. Unfortunately, it was 9pm when I found out that she had locked the door from the garage to the house, which was supposed to be our entry path. Much texting ensued to see if there was a hidden key. Nope. Mom had a key, but it turned out to be one lock change out of date.

It did fit the keyway though. Return to mom’s. Some quick work with a hacksaw blade and the file on my Gerber multitool, and i had a good looking bump key. I was only carrying the Gerber, because I can’t carry in IL, so I had a belt pouch free. Thought I’d have to wait for Ace hardware to open.

Back over to the house, and quick success with the deadbolt. No joy on the knob, something is wrong with it, which is why my sibling doesn’t normally lock it. I didn’t have any oil, and didn’t want to stay any longer,so I put it off to today, in daylight.

So, where was the prep? I had my go bag in the car. ID, lappy, change of clothes, one day’s meds, chargers, money, etc. That bag goes where I go. I could get on a plane with just that if I had to, or if I couldn’t get back to my suitcase. I had my multi tool. That gave me timely options. The main thing though was knowledge. I had made a bump key and practiced with it at home.

We’re headed over there shortly and I’ll update, but I don’t expect any issues in the daylight.


PS, wife was not prepared to get on a plane if needed. Hopefully, I will have a better chance of getting that next time.