Fri. Dec. 6, 2019 – so much to do…

Cool and damp.

Well, yesterday got to be shirtsleeves weather, despite the cooler start.

I was misled about my volunteer commitment, so I had more time for errands than I thought I would. Still, two of my pickups were on the complete other side of Houston, in Bay City. That’s far.

I picked up a 22 rifle and some science-y gear. Now I’ve got to go through the pile of gear and pull out the stuff I can use for demos with the kids.

Wife and kids are at girl scout camp this weekend, so I’ll have some uninterrupted time to do stuff. Maybe. I’m sure something will come up to change that.

Lots of crazy in the world.

Bought a honda inverter gennie that I’ll pick up next week. I’m torn between keeping it and selling it. Maybe I should sell my old portable and keep this one. 5800w vs the 3000w honda, but the honda is inverter based and should be much quieter. I guess I’ll have to see how noisy it is. Even though it was half of used ebay cost, I still can’t really afford it, so it will probably be sold.

Other than listing stuff on ebay, I haven’t gotten much prepping done this week. Unless you count the gennie, which I really can’t yet.

Hopefully all y’all are doing a better job….