Wed. Dec. 4, 2019 – work work work work, and some not work

Cold, probably mid-40s. Damp.

Past time to change the batteries in my weather station. Or install the internet connected one I have in a box…

More of the same for me today, and maybe my ham lunch.

I’ve not commented because I can’t imagine the pain, but seriously, don’t drive into flood water. I don’t care if you painted your truck in camo or OD green. Don’t do it. I added another flotation device to my truck pack just in case. I already had one, and a rope.

No matter where you live, disaster can find you.

Youths again. In a mall.

And security did F-all to keep him from getting hurt, or to stop the attack. The first two committed strong arm robbery, and aggravated assault and battery on the girl.

The guy is lucky his brains are intact.

Stay away from places where “youths” are in the majority. Go armed if you can. If you decide to intervene, know that you could be making a life changing choice.


As I was driving home last night, I thought about the neighborhood next to my rent house. The main street there is notorious for prostitution, so it was on my mind. I though about a particular incident, where the kids and I were driving home, and looked over and saw a rail thin black man, with buckwheat hair, and his pants around his knees, lying on the side of the freeway frontage road, covered in shit and naked, passed out. Daughter one was pretty horrified. I was not surprised as I’ve seen that particular guy in various stages of intoxication and destitution before, but never that bad. Anyway. I wondered last night how we could have fallen so far. My dad never took me anywhere I’d see naked drug addicts laying in the street, because there WEREN’T ANY. I tried to justify it in my head as living closer to the city than I did growing up, but that’s wrong too. We’re not that much closer, although the rent house is. There just weren’t people living under bridges, passed out in the streets, panhandling, prostituting, and drug dealing a block from middle class houses. By almost any objective measure, we are worse off and living in a degraded culture.

We’re well on our way on the downslope.