Tues. Dec. 10, 2019 – more to do, always more.

Warm and wet. [54F and steady drizzle]

Storm in the Gulf with up to 13 foot waves possible offshore for tonight and tomorrow. I’m glad I’m not out in gale force winds, but I can’t imagine we won’t get some kind of badness inland…

In economic news, Celadon trucking went belly up. They had some fraud issues in the past but if the industry was booming, it seems like they’d be able to recover. Instead they are winding down their global operations. 3200 drivers affected. My bet is a whole lot of that freight doesn’t get delivered on time, or at all. I see their trucks everywhere.


I’ve got a couple of pickups today, the Honda 3000 inverter gennie, and some other small things. I’ll be driving all morning. I should not have thrown out a bid on the other auction. I didn’t look at when the pickup time is, assuming it would be in a couple of days, like normal. Nope, tomorrow only. On the plus, one of the items will make a nice Christmas present for my wife.

Number one daughter is not feeling well, and neither is her dad. Sore throat and just blah for the last week with some coughing. Just enough to be a pain. I’m sure some extra sleep would be helpful. Too bad I won’t be getting any.

And with that, I better get going.